What Is YULEX®?



YULEX® natural rubber is sourced from the Hevea brasiliensis tree, which is native to Central America and Southeast Asia. Over 99% of the world’s natural rubber is made from this incredible tree. Traditionally, neoprene (synthetic rubber) is made from oil or limestone and releases large amounts of carbon into our atmosphere.

YULEX® natural rubber is carbon neutral, so the more we replace synthetic rubber with YULEX® natural rubber the better it is for the environment.

How is YULEX® made?

The first task in creating moldable fabric out of tree sap is a process called rubber tapping. A large V is cut into the bark, which allows a yellow or white liquid substance to drip out into a container. This is your latex.

The latex is then filtered, washed and treated. Once coagulated, it’s considered a dry solid natural rubber. This natural rubber is base polymer used in YULEX® closed-cell foam in the Aqua Shoes.

YULEX® natural rubber is FSC-certified meaning it’s backed by The Forest Stewardship Council. YULEX® is committed to providing deforestation free, environmentally, and socially responsible natural rubber to its customers.

Why are we using YULEX®?

We care about our planet, our customers and future generations and are on a journey to becoming an even more eco-friendly and sustainable brand. With every new collection, we’re using more responsibly sourced materials than ever. As well as YULEX®, our collections also contain REPREVE®, who use plastic waste and bottles to create polyester. You can also find the majority of our products contain organic cotton and recycled materials.

What products contain YULEX®?

Ideal for in and out of the water, Animal Aqua Shoes are perfect for protecting feet on sand or pebble beaches.

YULEX® plant-based foam replaces the use of neoprene in our Aqua Shoes. Neoprene is made from chloroprene (synthetic) rubber which is derived from petroleum and doesn’t bio-degrade. In contrast YULEX® emits 80% less carbon emissions than neoprene. Both rubbers feel practically identical, with YULEX® feeling as light and spongy as neoprene.

Crafted from durable materials, the Aqua Shoes feature a comfortable YULEX® fabric upper, while the rubber outsole offers grip and flexibility when you need it. They’re available in men’s, women’s and kids styles.