20 Questions With Emily Currie

We are stoked to welcome our newest surf ambassador, Emily Currie. She is joining our 2023-2024 ambassadors’ team, which also includes Logan Nicol and Sam Hearn, who have been with Animal for 2 years running.
Born in Cornwall, 26-year-old Emily shares early surfing memories, favourite places to catch some waves, and much more. 

How old were you when you first started surfing?

I started surfing when I was about 12 years old


What is your earliest surf memory?

We used to spend the entire summer holidays down on the beach, at our beach hut. I remember my uncle taking my cousins and I surfing, we had one board between the 3 of us and we’d take turns surfing.


If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

That you are capable of it, and you CAN do it.



Which surfers do you look up to?

Growing up and throughout my surfing journey, I had a huge number of surfers I was inspired by all for different reasons! The local crew from Bude has always been strong and I was lucky enough to grow up watching Joss and Reubyn Ash and Jobe Harriss, all of whom have helped encourage and push me. Then there is the crew of Cornish longboards; Ben Skinner, Mike Lay, Candice O’Donnell and Sam Bleakley, who are exceptional long boarders, are great role models and have put Cornwall on the map! Finally, you’ve got the likes of (some of my favourite surfers); Steph Gilmore, Kassia Meador, and Chelsea Williams, women that pushed the perimeters of surfing as I was growing up!


What surfboard do you use and why?

I ride for Skindog Surfboards, shaped by Ben Skinner. I’ve got several boards, but my current favourites are my 9’4 Quill model log, an all-round good log for beach breaks, so very good for the UK and my favourite shortboard is my 6’0 custom shortboard, it’s got a round tail and has got extra volume under the chest for paddling.


What do you eat/how do you fuel up before a big competition?

For the last 18 months, I’ve been working with a nutritionist which has really made a difference, particularly in my ability to fuel up for training and competitions. I would usually make sure I have a high-carbohydrate meal in the evening before the competition. On the day of the competition, I would have a good breakfast, carb-focused again. In between heats, I’d be refuelling as soon as possible with appropriate amounts of carbs to fuel the workload! Usually, snacks include bananas, energy drinks, and sweets.


What would you say to other girls who want to try surfing but struggling to take the leap?

Do it! I would suggest going with other girlfriends or booking a lesson/joining a girl's surf club, this will make it easier, and you will have way more fun sharing the experience with other like-minded people.


What do you pack in your bag when heading out surfing?

My wetsuit, towel, wax, a flask of coffee and sun cream.


Who has been your biggest support/fan throughout your career?

My parents and grandparents – they’ve all helped me throughout my career with the best encouragement and support! And they are always down on the beach supporting me at competitions.



What is your proudest professional moment so far?

I think representing my country at World Championship events, it is the biggest honour there is.


Where is the coolest place you have ever surfed and why?

I would have to say Nicaragua, it was awesome, the waves, the people, the food and the place. I love Central America.


How do you handle pre-comp nerves?

I think over time you just learn to deal with them better, I don’t think they ever go away, but you just learn to cope. For me, it usually involves immersing myself in the social side, catching up with friends, and having a laugh.  I think this just helps settle the nerves and I feel more comfortable and almost forget about the competition side. Then before my heat, I usually take myself away, sit in my van, and have some time to myself to relax and think about my competition strategy. With this, I seem to feel my best and this helps me perform to my best.


What is your favourite beach in the UK?

Got to be my home breaks in Bude. But I love all of Cornwall, I love the vast coastlines and how you can always find swell in a flat spot and always find shelter in a storm – good waves are never too far away.


What do you do to wind down after a big competition?

Chill, competitions can be quite full on, therefore, relaxing after the comp is the best way for me to wind down.



Which competition are you most looking forward to this year?

Boardmasters – my favourite event on the calendar every year.


What are your ways of being kinder to our planet?

I think, being more aware and making conscious choices about what I do and what/where I buy. Being a surfer, we are advocates for the ocean, therefore we have to protect it.  I always use a refillable water bottle to reduce single-use plastic, keep a reusable bag in my van for any unplanned shops. Buy products from reputable brands that have or are making changes to be more sustainable.


If you could invite one person to dinner with you, who would it be?

Steph Gilmore


What song do you have on repeat this summer?

Ooo I’m not sure I have a single song; I’ll listen to anything with a funky summer vibe.


What is your favourite Animal product?

I think it’s got to be the Harper Recycled Fleece, I’m a sucker for a fleece and it’s made with Polartec, which is super warm. It will be the perfect thing to put on after a surf in the evenings.


What do you like most about this year’s collection?

I love the timeless and free-spirited looks within the collection, it is how I remember Animal from when I used to wear the products growing up. I also love how Animal is pushing for more sustainability in its products, with more organic and responsibly sourced materials – It not only improves the quality of the products, but I think it is such an important factor for so many people when supporting brands.



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