Sophie signs. Hell yeah

15 Jan

As one of the only British surf girls to break into the international surf scene, Sophie Hellyer has been a pioneer for women in a sport that we love. After years traveling the world as both a model and surf ambassador for some of the biggest brands, Sophie has now come home to tackle UK shorelines.

And she’ll be doing this with Animal.  

Focusing on a lifestyle sustained by cold-water waves and eco living, Sophie will be putting our wetsuit and seasonal collections through their paces in the harsh environment of her Ireland home. Her attitude, personality and drive make her stand out from the crowd in more ways than one, and the adventure-loving girl feels a perfect fit for Animal.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be on the team and look forward to representing a brand that has British surfing at its heart.”

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Sophie’s story

Originally from Westward Ho!, North Devon, Sophie started competing at a young age and with an English title in the bag, she quickly became known as one of Britain’s top female surfers. Although she enjoyed competing, Sophie quickly realised that free surfing was the thing for her. No ties, no pressure, just her and her dance with the ocean.

Sophie Hellyer - Ireland - 55

“I feel the connection I have with the ocean has become stronger since I’ve stopped competing.”

Her career has seen her travel the world on many occasions, and it’s with that experience and understanding for different cultures that she made a dramatic change to her life a couple of years ago.

Sophie decided it was time to settle down, time to stay put through the seasons, stop running away from the British cold, and instead embrace it. For this she moved to one of the harshest, but also one of the most rewarding locations on these shores, Lahinch in Ireland.

There she not only dedicates her life to surfing cold water perfection but also to healthy living.

Line up - Ireland - 1

“This winter I’ll be in Ireland, working the land and getting back to basics, learning to grow my own organic food, immerse myself in the local community and surf all the cold but perfect points.”

Sophie Hellyer - Ireland - 5

This common passion for our beloved isles and the outdoors makes for a perfect match; it’s safe to say we are stoked to have her as an ambassador for the brand.

Sophie Hellyer - Ireland - 3

Sophie Hellyer - Ireland - 53

“I’m really looking forward to working with Animal. Being supported by a British company means I’m able to reduce my carbon footprint and fly less, and I’ve already been a part of two epic photo shoots on our great British coastline, in Scotland and Wales. I already feel like I’m part of the family and had a great week camping with team mates James Webb and Stef Nurding. I can’t wait for the next trip and getting the team over to Ireland to get their hands dirty in the soil and frozen in the sea.”

We can’t wait either.

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