Hometown: Shorwell, Isle of Wight

DOB: 27/01/1999

Top destination: The farm I grew up on, which has always given me freedom to be creative in what I ride. But Whistler is pretty sick too!

Inspired by: Blake Samson


Sam Hodgson is the new kid on the block. Hailing from the Isle of Wight, he grew up on his parents' farm with a love for the outdoors and an inability to sit still. Bored at school, Sam found his passion in mountain bikes, and has been riding ever since.

His passion for trails, ramps and jumps started at around 13 years old when he first saw Isle of Wight shredder Harry Steele ride one of the local spots. Having access to the farm lands and associated machinery has meant Sam was able to build his own jumps on which to perfect his skills.

"In terms of jumps, if I want to ride something, I have to envision it and build it myself."

A year later, Blake Samson came to Sam's farm to shoot one of his MTB projects. It was an eye-opener for Sam for who the dream of becoming pro suddenly became real.

"Being so close with someone who had really ‘made it’ in their MTB career really inspired me to keep at it, and not let people dismiss my passion as a pipe dream."

Sam has worked hard on building better and bigger jumps ever since; and as such has grown into one of the best riders coming out of the Isle of Wight.