Logan Nicol

Logan Nicol is well established in the British surf community. This year, he was chosen as one of the few people selected to represent team England at the ISA World Games in California.

His earliest surf memory is sharing a board with his dad and taking it in turns to ride one summer evening. From there, the rest is history. Logan currently holds the title of Welsh National Champion and works at a surf school in Wales when he’s not competing. It is here that he shares his passion and talent with budding professionals. His favourite beach in the world is Freshwater West, which holds a special place in his heart from many visits as a child.

Logan is a proud #TeamRider and ambassador for Animal. “Animal is passionate about their surf heritage” he says, “they are keen to make positive changes that will have an impact on everyone in the surfing community.” Logan’s favourite product from the Autumn Winter 2022 collection is the Recline Men’s Organic Tracksuit bottoms in Khaki.