Hometown: Port Talbot, Wales

DOB: 02/12/1974

Top destination: Fort William, Scotland

Inspired by: Hans Rey and Danny MacAskill


Martyn Ashton is one of the most iconic and recognisable names in the world of mountain biking. He’s held the biggest titles: British Champion four times, World Champion and Guinness World Record holder (twice) but he’s also the man credited with bringing trials to the international stage. He’s always seen it as his job to inspire people through biking, pushing the Action Sports Tour crew to new heights year-on-year and setting up Team Ashton Diamondback to support young riders.

In 2012 he hit the radar of roadies, taking on the seemingly impossible by using an unmodified carbon road bike to perform a series of incredible acrobatic tricks. Shot on locations across the UK, Road Bike Party, and its sequel, amassed millions of views and garnered a whole new legion of fans. The following year Martyn suffered a life changing accident during a bike trials demo at Silverstone Moto GP. However, this didn’t end his passion for MTB, and after many months of rehabilitation, Martyn returned with ‘Back on track,’ which saw him heading down the Antur Stiniog trail in North Wales on a sit-ski seat adapted bike. Surrounded by his long-time fellow pro riders, Danny MacAskill, Chris Akrigg and Blake Samson, it’s evident that Martyn continues to approach life as he always has; a challenge to take head-on.

Last year he took this to a whole new level, tackling the iconic Fort William downhill track at the UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup. Filmed and produced by Global Mountain Bike Network, ‘Down Not Out’ is a stellar feat of endurance, as well as looking a complete blast! Recently, Martyn has brought his determined attitude to co-presenting ‘Operation People Power’ on BBC1, continuing his work at Global Mountain Bike Network and, of course, as an Animal advocate. It’s no exaggeration to say he is both a true legend of the sport and an ambassador for living life forwards and achieving whatever the obstacles, recognised when he won the Pride of Sport Award 2016. We’re stoked to have Martyn representing the Animal brand and look forward to the adventures to come.