Autumn 2018

Catching up with Little Miss Tiggy & family

25 Oct

The lead up to November is always an exciting one for the little ones. Pumpkin picking, decoration and fancy dress planning for Halloween, and of course Bonfire Night just around the corner… With half term just underway for some, and coming up for others, we thought we’d catch up with Megan, mother of our favourite little influencer Little Miss Tiggy, to get the lowdown on this busy family’s preparations for the days to come.

Catching up with Little Miss Tiggy & family

Firstly, (for the people who don't know you) can you introduce yourselves and what you guys do?

Hi I’m Megan and have a little blog called Little Miss Tiggy. My blog is named after my daughter Tiggy who’s 3 as I wanted to capture a little picture diary of her childhood. We’re quite a big family and it’s hard to remember all the details of who did what and when so I started snapping away with photos, posting them onto Instagram, and before I knew it the blog was born so to speak.

  • Catching up with Little Miss Tiggy & family
  • Catching up with Little Miss Tiggy & family
  • We understand there’s more than just Tiggy in the family, can you introduce your little clan?

    So to our “big family”, Tiggy has 3 older brothers; Finlay, he’s nearly 9, Reuben who’s 7, and William who’s recently turned 6 and they’ve a younger sister Pip who turned 1 just this week. The blog centres mostly around Tiggy but of course her siblings appear there too as I want to capture them all together while they’re young. We’re a very outdoorsy family with the boys especially all enjoying lots of sports.

  • Catching up with Little Miss Tiggy & family
  • Catching up with Little Miss Tiggy & family
  • What are you guys up to this half term? Any specific preparations for Halloween?

    With half term coming up I’ve plenty planned to keep my troops occupied especially as Halloween falls that week. We’re in full swing here party planning, ordering decorations ready to have some fun, my children all love dressing up and Halloween is of course the perfect excuse!

    The weather is getting colder by the day, what are some of your top picks to keep the kids looking good and feeling warm this season?

    With the weather turning colder my top picks for keeping my children warm is to layer up! I figure they can always take layers off if they’re too warm and Animal have lots of gorgeous t-shirts, jumpers and of course coats too so not only are they warm but they look great!

    Catching up with Little Miss Tiggy & family

    Check out what the Jones’ are wearing this half term:
  • Ember hoodie - Animal UK

    Ember hoodie

  • Pole jacket - Animal UK

    Pole jacket

  • Fuzzy fleece - Animal UK

    Fuzzy fleece

  • Mini Byron jacket - Animal UK

    Mini Byron jacket

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