Autumn 2018

Ben Moore's haul at the Bournemouth store

24 Sep

The launch of our new season collection means it’s time to kit out our brand ambassadors with some of their favourite gear; and with that in mind, we thought we’d take our latest recruit Ben Moore to check out what’s new at our Bournemouth store.

It’s fair to say Ben was pretty excited about his little shopping trip, especially considering how heavily blue and orange feature in this year’s range!

The first few styles that caught his eye were the Action long sleeve tee, in blue and orange of course, as well as the moisture wicking Isle t-shirt from the Outdoor Division collection.

  • Autumn Winter 2018 - Animal Action Tee


    "I love wearing tees but with winter coming up, a bit of long sleeves always comes in handy. Blue and orange, my colour scheme, perfect."

  • Autumn Winter 2018 - Animal Camper Shirt


    "I’m always bouncing in and out of meetings, and these styles of shirts are really good for it. That’s got smart written all over it but it’s also got 2-way stretch, so I can wear it on the trails and crash in style!"

  • Autumn Winter 2018 - Animal Silverstoe Shirt


    "When you finish riding and are heading to the pub, I reckon this is perfect. That looks nice and warm, super cool colours (still got the orange in it!), that’s got me written all over it."

  • Autumn Winter 2018 - Animal Chaser Jacket


    "It’s part of the Outdoor Division; it features 3M Thinsulate and is shower resistant, with a nice big hood. Nice and warm, I really like that."

  • Autumn Winter 2018 - Ben Moore in Bournemouth

  • Autumn Winter 2018 - Ben Moore in Bournemouth

  • Autumn Winter 2018 - Animal Byro Jacket


    "Shower resistant, that’s perfect for those light autumn showers. Definitely need to give that a try."

  • Autumn Winter 2018 - Animal Yukon Fleece


    "Technical soft shell, that’s really cool. It’s got 3K water resistance, 3K breathability and some really nice features as well. The hood is tucked away and the waist is adjustable."

  • Autumn Winter 2018 - Animal Trekker Backpack


    "The material looks amazing and the colours are fantastic."

  • Autumn Winter 2018 - Animal Urban Explorer Backpack


    "This one is practical and it’s got everything—reflective patches, Cordura material, pockets everywhere for ipads and laptops, and it’s even got an H2O pouch as well. That’s pretty cool.

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