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International Yoga Day 2018

06 Jul

June 21st marked this year’s International Yoga Day and to celebrate, we decided to join the Silent Yoga team on Bournemouth Beach. It was beautiful sun-filled morning, the water was clear as day and we were greeted with stunning views of the Purbecks in the background. We kicked off the day’s activities with an early morning Sun Salutation Challenge (which was challenging to say the least!) before continuing on to an Advanced Ashtanga at 10am.

International Yoga Day - Silent Yoga in Bournemouth

Doing back to back yoga sessions was amazing, a truly refreshing experience, and we’ve got one particular man to thank for organising such a wonderful celebration. Mark Eaton heads up the Silent Yoga team, and we thought we’d catch up to get his take on the event, and why silent yoga is definitely a thing.

  • International Yoga Day - Silent Yoga in Bournemouth

  • International Yoga Day - Silent Yoga in Bournemouth

  • International Yoga Day - Silent Yoga in Bournemouth

    We had a great time on the beach with you guys experiencing silent yoga for the first time…so how did Silent Yoga UK begin?

    We're really glad you enjoyed the day, and thank you so much for supporting us!

    Silent Yoga UK started just under 2 years ago. I had watched videos online of yoga classes being taken in amazing outdoor spaces, using silent disco headphones. One of my good friends had just qualified as a yoga teacher, so we tried a class at Talbot Heath School. It was amazing, and really popular, and that was the beginning of what we do today.

    International Yoga Day - Silent Yoga in Bournemouth

    The headphones really helped concentration levels during some of those difficult poses! What are the main benefits of silent yoga?

    Using the headphones really helps people to connect with the teacher. We get a lot of feedback from people who felt too self-conscious to try yoga, but who say that the headphones make them feel like it's just them and the teacher. We love how many people have tried yoga for the first time through our classes.

    From beach sessions to family yoga and a sunset disco – do you find the headphones give you more space to be a bit creative with your practices and where you take them?

    The fact that we can run all of our equipment from solar panels allows us to really push the boundaries with where we hold our classes. There really are no locations that we can't take this!

  • International Yoga Day - Silent Yoga in Bournemouth

  • International Yoga Day - Silent Yoga in Bournemouth

  • The other benefit of the headphones is that we can take classes in environments that would otherwise be too noisy, such as music festivals. We've held kids classes next to a dub-step tent at Camp Bestival!

    At Camp Bestival this year we're going to attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the largest ever Silent Yoga Class, which will be a very special moment for us all.

    Hearing really clear instructions from the teacher and enjoying relaxing sounds at the same time was a great experience - do you adapt your music choices based on the type of yoga session?

    The music for our regular classes is always driven by the choices of the teacher. We have a large selection of playlists that we've all worked on, and the teachers can share these between themselves.

    International Yoga Day - Silent Yoga in Bournemouth

    When it comes to special classes, like our Namastaying Alive disco class at International Yoga Day, a lot of work goes into tailoring the music to suit the class.

    We also love to live DJ classes at festivals, as it adds an extra dimension to the whole experience for those taking part in the classes.

    We love the idea of outdoor yoga - and we’re spoilt on the south coast for amazing beaches! Do you have plans to take Silent Yoga elsewhere in the UK, or further afield?

    Well, we've already held our first ever class in Germany this year! I was working there, so took some equipment and hooked up with a local teacher. It went down really well, and is something I'll definitely be doing again.

  • International Yoga Day - Silent Yoga in Bournemouth

  • International Yoga Day - Silent Yoga in Bournemouth

  • We're booked for Camp Bestival again this year, and we'll be at FloVibe. This is a lovely wellness festival near Portsmouth and this will be our first year there.

    We’ll also be back on Bournemouth Beach for FitLiving 2018. This is the UK's only beach side fitness festival, where we'll be running lots more beach classes.

    For those of us based here in Dorset, where can we find out more about your classes?

    You can find details on all of our classes on our facebook page - or on our website -

    A huge thanks to all for getting involved, and to the Silent Yoga team for hosting this year’s edition of International Yoga Day. We’re already looking forward to next year!

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