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An interview with adventure photographer Jack Watson - Part 2

12 Mar

An interview with photographer Jack Watson

Last week, we connected with the man behind our most recent Instagram feed crush, Jack Watson. Jack is an adventure photographer from Devon who spends his time exploring the remote corners of our beautiful British Isles and working on super cool jobs across the globe.

If you've missed part 1 of the interview, then head here to find out a little more about his upbringing, what inspires as a photographer and a few of his favourite toys and gadgets.

Most expensive piece of kit you’ve ever played with?

I have used an Arri Alexa cinema camera setup with a Cooke lens, pricing up at about £60,000+. The image through the viewfinder was amazing, but it was definitely a nerve-racking experience.

  • An interview with photographer Jack Watson
  • An interview with photographer Jack Watson
  • Do you mostly work freelance or as part of an agency team? If both, which do you prefer and why?

    I am currently on my last month of a two and half year full time contract with a fantastic production company called Red Handed TV. I have loved being a fulltime in-house filmmaker, but I’ve found my need for diversity pulls me to new areas and adventures.

    So I will be a freelance filmmaker and photographer seeking exciting new work very soon, fingers crossed it all goes well. My Instagram feed also demands a considerable amount of time, so I’m looking forward to shooting even more personal content!

    An interview with photographer Jack Watson

    Aside from photography, what are some of the things that inspire you and drive you?

    Music is a huge part of my everyday life. I’m constantly searching for new music to add to my Spotify playlists, it drives me and helps to always keep my head up.

    I also love travelling. Exploring the world and seeing new countries really excites me and I can’t wait to see more.

    What does adventure mean to you?

    Being able to work in different countries over the past few years has given me a great taste of adventure. I have found myself seeking it out, home or away.

    There is nothing better than exploring the UK’s amazing landscape, so much of which I haven’t seen. Being Devon born and bred is great, but exploring new incredible locations is what keeps my flame burning.

  • An interview with photographer Jack Watson
  • An interview with photographer Jack Watson
  • If you could fly off to any place in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

    The west coast of America! Starting out in South California and road tripping up the coast in a banger of a campervan would be ideal. I’d work my way up to Seattle and then go explore Canada. That’s me sorted!

    Coolest location you’ve ever found yourself in?

    Visiting Rottnest Island just off Western Australia on our only day off during a work trip was a surreal and incredible experience. A speed boat, ten great mates, beers and swimming with wild stingrays was one to tick off the bucket list.

    An interview with photographer Jack Watson

    An interview with photographer Jack Watson

    Any advice for those wishing to make photography their career? What’s your most valuable tip?

    I would say do it! I was lucky enough to find a fantastic company to start my career with. I always knew I wasn’t going to go to university, and just wanted to get cracking with the professionals. Thankfully for me it all worked out and has been paying off so far.

    My advice would be to take whatever camera you have wherever you go, and shoot anything that takes your eye. Post it online, get a following, be patient and work from there. Thankfully it’s fun along the way. What’s better than a passion as a career!

    What’s the dream? What are your aspirations careers wise?

    I’m super keen to do some photography work with cars, and short films that allow me to go on new adventures. I would also love to have my own city studio; a place to have as a base and hopefully sell prints out of is great goal of mine.

    All that said I haven’t really got an extensive long term plan. For now, it is to keep exploring, working hard, staying diverse in the work I do and meet new people. I enjoy what I do so much and keeping it that way is extremely important, along with being happy and enjoying the company of everyone around me. 

    For your daily dose of inspiring outdoor and surf photography, make sure to follow Jack on Instagram at @jacko_watson.

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