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The benefits of yoga

17 Jan

Time to take a breather

There are lots of great ways that yoga can benefit the body and mind, and with the non-stop nature of life nowadays, we’re totally on board with taking a few moments out to find some inner calm.

Whether you’d simply prefer to focus on your breathing, or if you’re looking for an all-over body workout to strengthen and tone, then yoga is a fun way to mix up your fitness regime. It can be both relaxing and energising – it’s completely up to you!  

If you’re thinking about trying yoga, we’ve put together a few benefits of some of the positions you might learn in class…

Cat Pose

Time to take a breather - Yoga Cat Pose

  • Helps to stretch the back torso and neck
  • Gives the spine a gentle massage

Cow pose

Time to take a breather - Yoga Cow Pose

  • Warms up the spine gently
  • Stretches out the front torso and neck
  • Helps to relieve stress 

Child’s pose

Time to take a breather - Yoga Child's Pose

  • A calming pose
  • Helps to open the hips
  • Elongates the lower back

So when you feel like you could do with a quiet moment or two to focus on your mind and body, maybe give yoga a go. If you’re interested in taking a class, get searching and find one near you.

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