5 reasons to try out surfing in 2018

23 Jan

What would life be without one or two things to mix up the 9 to 5? We’re always in search of adventure, whether it’s finding hidden streets in the city we live in, discovering new trails along our local coastline, or throwing ourselves in at the deep end to find something completely new.

Being surrounded by water at our south coast home, it’s hard for us not to be drawn to the blue. We thought we’d share with you one of the best ways to make the most of what the ocean has to offer: surfing.

Here are a few reasons why we think it’s about time you gave it a go.

5 reasons to start surfing

1. It’s a great workout

From using your upper body strength to paddle out, to honing your balancing skills on the board, surfing is a great way to keep fit. It uses muscles you never thought you had, and will help you develop your legs, core and back quicker than you’d ever imagine.

Whether you’re paddling against the on-coming waves, pushing yourself up to take-off or simply balancing on your board whilst waiting for the next wave, you’re constantly flexing something. When you’re out surfing, and especially when you’re starting out, an hour session will feel like you’ve been at the gym for the past three hours (in a good way).

When you do get the chance to have a breather, calming your body down quickly is key to being able to catch your next wave. Most pro surfers have become expert at doing so, and you’ll find conscious breathing can help hugely in dealing with day to day life, stresses and fatigue.

Surfing takes patience, practice and perseverance to master, but will bring you joy and an unprecedented sense of freedom every time.

5 reasons to start surfing

2. See the world

Once you start surfing, you’ll no doubt want to get exploring. The world is filled with amazing waves and beaches, and whether you’re looking for those tropical vibes or are after a mesmerising cold water adventure, your search for the perfect wave will have you discover the most remote and coolest of places.

Every destination is completely unique, and we recommend starting your ‘surf trip’ journey just across the channel, in France. Whether you’re exploring the nooks and crannies of Brittany, or sticking to the classic surf destination that is Hossegor, you’ll find waves almost every day, and the warmer waters will accelerate your progression at a rate you won’t believe.

For something a little fancier (and tropical), we recommend giving Sri Lanka or Costa Rica a go. Easy waves, bath-warm waters and friendly locals will have you falling in love with the lifestyle in no time.

5 reasons to start surfing

3. Get closer to nature

There’s something special about the feeling you get being out in the water. We love embracing all that the natural world has to offer – and surfing is another amazing way of doing this. It’s those moments you just can’t put your finger on; the kind you need to experience for yourself.

4. Make friends

Whether it’s in a lesson with fellow newbies, out on the water or in the beach car park discussing that post-surf stoke, there’s a real sense of community in surfing.

It’s not all hard-core locals and beachside fights like in Point Break, but rather a bunch of like-minded and welcoming individuals who are mostly just happy to share their passion with you.

5 reasons to start surfing

5. It’s fun to try new things

Doing something a little outside of the ordinary every now and again can broaden your horizons, and create new experiences and memories to share. Surfing is almost guaranteed to throw you off guard, and you’ll be sure to feel refreshed and more alive for it. Plus, there’s a whole world of surf wear out there to make sure you’ve got the right kit for your new venture. Perfect excuse to upgrade the wardrobe!

You never know, you might just discover a new hobby, or even a passion for something you didn’t know you had.

Will you take the plunge and give surfing a go this summer?

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