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Catching up with Georgie Timson

23 Nov

It’s been a few months since we caught up with Animal advocate Georgie Timson—the lucky lady has been traveling the world since December last year. We thought we’d catch up on her adventures and ask about those smoothie recipes we’ve spotted on her Instagram feed. Looks smoothilicious!

Traveling the world with Georgie Timson

A year on the road

"I began my winter adventures towards the end of 2016, first destination: Australia.

"I based myself around Sydney; there were so many epic and uncrowded surf spots there that it was good having a friend showing me around. I probably wouldn’t have known about half of them otherwise! The sun shone nearly every day, and I got to surf in a bikini for like 6 months... There were a few crazy cyclones too though!

"After spending some time around there, we took a van and hit the road up the east coast, stopping anywhere we could surf. I got the chance to check out most surf spots in New South Wales, and even ventured up to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, it was amazing. Australia is such an incredible experience and I recommend it to anyone who gets a chance to go!

Traveling the world with Georgie Timson

Traveling the world with Georgie Timson

"The next destination was Indonesia. A couple of days in Bali are always a must but it can get a bit too much, especially if you’re just after some peace and quiet, so we quickly headed to Timor—which was a first for me. I loved it there, lots of surf breaks to be found and only accessible by boat! The island is beautiful and feels calm, like an undisturbed paradise, I could live there!

"After a couple of weeks spent there, we flew to Sumbawa. I’ve been to Indonesia lots now and the first place I ever visited was Sumbawa, so it will always have my heart. I loved surfing Lakeys every day, nothing tops it. World class waves, tropical sunshine and laid-back vibes, what more could you ask for!

Traveling the world with Georgie Timson

"After spending one last week in Sydney, I headed back to my Newquay home for the summer. There, I lifeguarded and surfed every day until it was time for our annual family trip to France towards the end of August. This has become a bit of a ritual now, and seeing as it’s just down the road from Hossegor, we decided to check out the north coast of Spain as well this year. We scored great waves and the weather was amazing, so all in all, summer was a blast.

"Back at home now and already planning my next getaway, follow my adventures on Instagram @georgiatimson!"

Georgie's favourite smoothies

"Over the few months I spent exploring the more tropical side of the globe, I really took a liking to fresh and healthy snacks. Both Indonesia and Australia have amazing juice bars, and this inspired me to come up with a few healthy recipes of my own.

"I’ve put together a little list of some of my favourite smoothies, perfect for either pre- or post-surf goodness. All made using a blender like the Nutri Bullet."

Açai strawberry smoothie

1 Banana
1 Cup frozen strawberries
1 Sachet of açai purée (I use Sambazon)
1 Tablespoon of chia or hemp seeds
½ Cup of almond or coconut milk

"I like mine thick so I normally use frozen açai purée. If I don’t have any of that left, I’ll tend to use frozen fruit."

Healthy smoothie recipe with Georgie Timson

Orange dream smoothie

1 Orange
¼ Cup Greek yoghurt (high fat low sugar)
2 Tbsp frozen orange juice concentrate
¼ Vanilla extract
6-8 Ice cubes

Banana and ginger smoothie

1 Banana
¾ Cup Greek yoghurt
2 Teaspoons of honey
½ Freshly grated ginger

Berrytritious smoothie

1 Cup frozen raspberries
¾ Cup chilled unsweetened almond, coconut or rice milk
1 Cup frozen cherries/ blueberries
1 Handful of raspberries
1 Tsp ginger
1 Tsp ground flaxseed
2 Tsp fresh lemon juice

"Berries are so nutritious; I can’t go a day without them!"

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