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Animal Sound Waves Vol.2 - 00's Surf Amp

15 Nov

As we head towards the tail end of 2017, we look forward to the start of the Triple Crown of Surfing in Hawaii. The North Shore is the sport’s ultimate proving ground, and year on year never fails to deliver when it comes to high performance antics, qualification dreams and world title drama.

For some, it is the culmination of a year of hard work; for others, it’s a celebration of our stoke for surfing. We can’t help but think back to all the epic stories that went down over the past two decades, from that iconic high five between Kelly Slater and Rob Machado in 1995, to the Kelly/Andy rivalry through the early 00’s.

The sport was at an all-time high and if you’ve grown up surfing through those years, then you’ll remember some of the iconic surf movies that marked the era.

This week, we decided to jump back in time and curate a little playlist inspired by some of our favourite surf flick soundtracks from the 00’s.

We picked tunes from the likes of The Occumentary (1998), Loose Change (1999), Better Days (1999), Hit and Run (2000), Momentum (2001), Campaign (2003) and more…

Who can forget Taj Burrow’s legendary part in Taylor Steele’s ‘Loose Change’?

Or Bruce Irons’ dreamy 1998 reel in ‘Magnaplasm’?

Or even Kelly Slater’s section in Taylor Steele’s ‘Campaign’?

Time to plug your headphones in and get amped for your next surf. Enjoy!

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