Festival season

5 reasons to camp at music festivals

2 Jun

Music festival season has officially started across the UK with the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Hull, punk fans’ favourite SlamDunk Festival and hip hop enthusiasts’ Shindig Weekender in Somerset.

This week we take a look at one of the best ways to maximise your festival experience: camping. Aside from the music, camping for us is one of the biggest draws when booking our next festival. The thought of spending 3-4 days living it up with some of our best friends really makes the whole adventure that little more magical.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why camping at festivals is the only option:

Camping at music festivals - the ultimate experience

1. The ultimate experience

When you camp, your experience suddenly becomes one huge continuous event. Immerse yourself in the magic of it all and embrace all aspects of the festival from start to finish.

Getting ready in the morning, falling asleep under the stars and hanging out at the campsite with your friends all feel a little different at a music festival. The excitement of the people around you, the music and the crowd roaring in the background create an amazing vibe you won’t forget anytime soon.

2. Meet new friends

Music festivals are a great place to meet new friends. The simple fact that everyone is so happy about being there means people are generally more open and easy to talk to.

Everywhere you go is a good place to start a conversation. Tastes in music are an easy way to kick off a discussion. You’ll want to get to know your neighbours too, as they may be able to watch your stuff while you’re off exploring the site!

Camping at music festivals - make new friends

3. Deepen the bond

Having all the luxuries of normal daily life taken away from you is a real leveller and intensifies the moments you share with your friends.

Striking up camp next to your friends also makes for a uniquely social experience where you can maximise ‘mates’ time and live moments you’ll never forget.

4. Party starts and ends when you want it to

Once you’re in, you’re in. Setting up camp at the start of the festival means you no longer need to worry about queuing hours getting in and out. Goodbye hours at the gates, and hello good times!

You get to decide when you go to bed! No curfews and no shuttle bus deadlines means you choose when the fun stops. Festivals often have after-hour parties all over the place, so go on and explore, those friends aren’t going to make themselves!

Tip: be on the lookout for silent discos, they’re crazily fun.

Camping at music festivals - you decide when the party ends

5. Live the good life

Camping doesn’t necessarily mean your experience will be a struggle. Festivals always have amenities a plenty (showers, toilets, amazing food stalls, morning yoga classes, arts & crafts activities and more), so make sure to study your options before you go.

Preparation is key, try to pack lightly but wisely. Here’s a few of our essentials:


Festival tickets
ID/driving licence
Map & program
Cash & cards


Kodiak powerbank
Wireless speakers for breakfast vibes
Ear plugs


Pop-up tent & air mattress
Flag to find your tent
Quick dry towel
Head torch
Sun cream
Fold-up camping chairs
Picnic blanket
First aid kit
Citronella candles


Dry shampoo
Baby wipes
Glitter tattoos
Body Spray
Bum bag
Denim shorts or skirts
Welly boots
Loose-fitting clothes
A trusty hoodie
Socks! Lots of them
Waterproof jacket

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