30 years of Animal

Throwback Thursday interviews – catching up with Johno Verity

18 May

The year is 2001 and pro snowboarder and mountain legend, Johno Verity joins the Animal Team.

Pro snowboarder Johno Verity in 2002

Over the coming years we get to know him for his incredible backcountry snowboard antics, as well as his supreme talent as a professional filmmaker—responsible for gems including ‘Farmer Jack,’ created with the Athertons back in 2008.

As we catch up with some of our most influential riders from the last three decades, we of course wanted the lowdown from Johno on his Animal days.

Pro snowboarder Johno Verity and Olympian Dom Harington in 2007

Date signed with Animal?


What was playing on the radio?

N-Trance - Set You Free

All the cool kids were wearing…

Baggy trousers...Very baggy trousers!

  • Pro snowboarder and videographer Johno Verity in 2007

  • Pro snowboarder Johno Verity wearing pink in 2007

  • The bike to ride was?

    BMX, pretty sure I had a DK General Lee back then.

    Favourite-ever piece of Animal gear?

    Loved the striped jumpers and they used to do a long snowboard jacket too.

    Most memorable Animal trip?

    We used the big Animal bus to drive around the French Alps. Although officially the 2005 trip to Russia was an Animal trip and that was epic.

    Pro snowboarder and Dom Harington, good times in 2007

    Best teammate?

    Too many good ones—I always loved hanging out with Dom Harington, Stokesy and Kirsty Jones. The team was always a rad crew.

    Teammate with the most annoying habit?

    Dom Harington, annoyingly good at snowboarding and so humble so you could never give him a hard time about it.

    Pro snowboarder and Olympian Dom Harington

    Behind the scenes antics that we never heard about?

    Pretty sure Animal knew about what went on at those parties!

    Impact of Animal sponsorship on your career?

    A massive boost. Enabled me to travel and focus on my riding, I learnt to surf because of this help too.

    Animal career highlight?

    Stoked on my road-gap poster/advert that was shot in Austria.

    What the brand means to you?

    Good times, good people.

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