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Throwback Thursday interviews – catching up with Hannah Harding

1 June

It’s 2010 and British surfer Hannah Harding joins the Animal Team. The smiliest member of the crew, in the water Hannah quickly establishes her reputation for surfing hard—like she’s in a heat every session! Her first two years on the team see Hannah nail both the UK Pro Surf Tour and English Nationals in epic style and who could forget the #insearchofsummer Maldives trip of 2014?

Off the water, we are inspired by the support Hannah gives to the Wave Project—introducing vulnerable young people to the world of surfing. All round, an absolute legend!

Hannah Harding, focused in 2011

Here are Hannah’s thoughts on her Animal days.

Date signed with Animal?


What was playing on the radio?

CALIFORNIA GURLS—Katy Perry is the one that sticks out.

All the cool kids were wearing…

I seem to remember everybody starting to wear skinny jeans, me being one! The look is still going strong…

  • Hannah Harding smiling in 2012

  • Hannah Harding prepping her surfboard in 2012

  • The bike to ride was?

    Well I was riding an old school racer at the time…it was kind of tricky one-handed with my board under the other arm!

    Favourite-ever piece of Animal gear?

    My lovely Indy ankle boots, still going strong after 2 years, although they're looking a bit tired and worn now. Love them!

    Most memorable Animal trip?

    Maldives 2013!! Was epic! Such a good crew…

    Hannah Harding in the Maldives, 2013

    Best teammate?

    Corinne. I loved our last few years together on the team.

    Teammate with the most annoying habit?

    Everyone was lovely... a couple of people grated on me but nothing major!

    Duckdiving in the Maldives with Hannah Harding

    Duckdiving in the Maldives with Hannah Harding

    Behind the scenes antics that we never heard about?

    We had some pretty good parties at times!

    Impact of Animal sponsorship on your career?

    Elevated me and gave me the confidence and ability to enable me to do my best!

    Animal career highlight?

    Winning the UK Pro Surf Tour 2011 and then winning the English Nationals in 2012.

    What the brand means to you?

    A great British brand that always looked after me and made me feel like part of one big family.

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