New Year resolutions

Part 1 | How to make them stick

03 Jan

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1. Avoid resolution overload

Tempting though it is to write a lengthy list of New Year must-dos, trying to take them all on at the same time is a sure route to failure. Even if you came up with 10 crazy resolutions for 2017 at the party the night before, it’s fine to whittle them down to something more achievable in the cold light of morning!

2. Set the end goal

A New Year’s resolution is actually about changing a behavior in some way. How many of us have said, ‘this year I’m going to get fit, get in shape…?’ But, in reality, what does this mean? First think about the end goal—what is getting fit about for you? It doesn’t matter whether it’s running 3 miles without expiring, or competing in the next iron man. The important part is to know exactly where you’re heading.

3. Change behaviour step by step

Once you’ve got the end goal sorted, the next thing is figuring out the behaviours you need to adopt, or the behaviours you need to change in order to achieve it. This might be: join a fitness class once a week, play football with the kids every Saturday, knock off that mid week bottle of wine…

The good bit about identifying the smaller steps you need to take is it’s really easy to track how you’re doing. We all love to achieve, so each time you tick off a mini goal, it builds your motivation to tackle the next one.

4. Work the willpower

Don’t forget, willpower is like a muscle—it gets better with practice. Give it a go by starting with something easier, exercise your self-control for two weeks and then go back to your original goal and you’ll actually find your willpower has improved.

New year resolutions part 1 with Animal UK

5. Share your goals

Share and share alike. We all fear failure, which means it can be really difficult to declare to the world our New Year’s resolution—just in case we mess it up. Conversely though, the likelihood of success is massively increased if we’ve got the support of family and friends.

6. Avoid all-or-nothing thinking

Get away from all-or-nothing thinking. Even doing a little is better than nothing at all. If you can only make one lap of your run, it’s better than bailing out all together. Just think, the little things will add up and keep you moving in the right direction.

7. See the light

Many of us are very visual creatures so being able to picture yourself achieving your goal can be helpful. If you’re saving for the trip of a lifetime, then keep a photo of that white sandy beach next to your credit card and it’s amazing how much spending self-control you’ll suddenly acquire.

8. And of course, get the right kit! (Head to part 2 to find out more)

New year, fresh clothes.


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