James Jones

New BMX video

04 Oct

James Jones 2016 BMX Video

Swansea based BMX rider James Jones has been a busy boy this year. Between FISE, demos on the Action Sports Tour and taking 1st in the Mongoose Pro Bowl back in July; James has also been putting together his latest edit with UK film-maker Luke Rance.

This project was all about showcasing a different side to James’ riding style, stepping away from the standard 2 minute clip you’d normally find doing the rounds.

“For me the project was a lot different to what I'm used to. I'm stoked how the edit has turned out as I'm normally just filming in skateparks. To mix it up was a real challenge, not so much for me or Luke, but for beating the weather! Working with Luke has been amazing! As a fellow rider as well as a filmer he knows what he wants and where. I'm hoping to definitely film some more projects with him in the future.”

James Jones

We caught up with the man behind the lens, Luke, for his take on working with our Welsh wonder James.

Luke, you’ve just released this new edit alongside James. Happy?

Very much so, it's been an absolutely fantastic project to work on.

We’re definitely into it! It’s not your usual BMX video either. What was the thinking behind the filming?

James is word class on any discipline you throw at him. I think it's fair to say his park riding really shines (that's if you ignore the numerous light fittings he's knocked down from skatepark rafters). With this film we set out to take the focus away from the typical park edit, taking a step back from video game combos and instead just focusing on how James likes to ride his bike. Location was a big component for us with this; we've travelled pretty much the length and breadth of England to find some of the best dirt and park spots.

Looking at it we have to say you nailed the brief then! What’s your favourite clip?

It has to be the 180 double whip, simply because we didn't intend for the clip to even exist. We'd had continuous battles with the weather and bad luck, but this day just seemed to fall into place. We'd finished up what was fruitful filming session when after landing a single 180 whip, James joked about a 180 double whip. Riding off the back of the day's success we both knew it had to be done, as if provoked; it began to spit with rain. Needless to say the weathers efforts were futile and the clip was bagged.

An absolute banger too! You’ve mentioned James’ ability on the bike, how was it working with him off it?

Certainly so, working with James off of the bike is as easy as working with him on it. During the edit process we both had a close hand in making the video everything we wanted it to be; I think we’ve achieved that.

What's next for you?

First and foremost, not falling head (and camera) first into a wet set of trails, James can vouch for how spectacular this was. On a more serious note, to continue making films the best I can and hopefully, to work with both Animal & James again.

If you’d like to follow Luke, head over to Instagram at @lukerance. Nice one boys, here’s to the next project!

James Jones


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