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Bali Surf Tours with Webbo – part 3

05 Oct

Last week we caught up on the highlights from part two of James Webb’s journey through Bali, Indonesia. Now he’s back in Blighty, we thought we’d get the lowdown on the last leg of the trip from the man himself. Don’t forget, if you’re planning your own tropical escape you can check out part one of Webbo’s adventure for the best things to pack.

Pro skier Webbo and friends sipping on Coconut water at sunset in Bali.

After touring around it was time to get back down south to do some surfing and yoga. First stop on the south coast was Canggu (pronounced Changgu), yogi and surfer heaven!

We bedded down at a “surf-stay” and rode our scooters down to the beach each morning, rented a surfboard and got to it. I started on a nice long 8’5 foam board and, as the sessions went on, moved to a hard board.

I’d only surfed wearing a wetsuit in cold water before so being in a warm ocean just in boardshorts and a rash vest was so nice. It gave me a bit more motivation to work at it and improve my surf game, (which still needs a lot of work!).

Pro skier Webbo's first go at surfing in boardshorts in Bali, wearing the Morro boardshorts and Laret long sleeve rash vest.

Next on the to-do list was yoga. We started off with a beginner’s class and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, so much so that the next day we stepped things up a notch with a “strong vinyasa” class. Don’t know what that means? We didn’t either… turns out it’s pretty intense!

By the end I was drenched in sweat and felt like I’d done a week’s worth of gym workouts. Happy to say I nailed the Peacock Pose (feel free to google that!).

Webbo and Kirtsy Louise wearing the Keshia Waves and Laret rash vests, ready to shred the Bali surf

After a few days in Canggu, we worked our way further down the coast until we had finished our loop and got back to Kuta. Here we spent our last few days surfing, getting massages, eating fantastic Indonesian food and topping up on the tan (which I might add is probably the best I’ve ever had!).

Kirsty Louise in Canggu, Bali wearing the Making Wave bikini top and the Keshia Waves rash vest

Webbo's top tips for Bali

Rent a scooter!

If you ask me this is the only way to travel around. The roads are pretty hectic, getting anywhere by car can take ages and you don’t want to waste your holiday sitting in traffic… you can do that on the M25 when you get home! We rented some pretty new Hondas for around £2.50 a day (50,000 idr). Make sure you pick up a helmet (why wouldn't you?!) and grab an International Driving license from the Post Office before you leave - they only cost £5!

Don’t book anything too far in advance

Just go with the flow. We booked things as we went, therefore if we were enjoying somewhere we could stay longer. On the other hand, if the place turns out to be a dive, you can abandon ship and move on asap!

Google Maps and Trip Advisor

The most useful apps you can have. Even if you don’t have a sim card that works for free abroad, everywhere (literally) has wifi. Plus you can download an offline map of the whole of Bali from Google Maps, or Trip Advisor has offline city guides available to download. This way, wherever you are on your scooters, you won’t get lost and can find decent accommodation/restaurants.


If you’re new to surfing the best beginner spots we went to were Kuta Beach (this also offers an amazing sunset), Batu Bolong Beach (Canggu), and Double Six Beach (Seminyak). There are loads of local surfers ready to give lessons for reasonable prices and if you just want to hire a board to practice in your own time, it will only set you back around £2.50 (50,000 idr) for 2 hours! All the surf rental places will look after your valuables and offer you a rash vest.

Give Yoga a try

I’d never done any yoga before and I loved it. Classes are offered from around £5 (100,000 idr) for 1.5hrs with great instructors (we would recommend Serenity Eco Guesthouse in Seminyak). It’s a real workout and will make you feel less guilty when enjoying those few cheeky drinks in the evening.

Eat Indonesian

The food in Bali is incredible, and cheap! I never felt the need to eat western food there and it just doesn’t make sense not to go local. Enjoy!

The monkeys of Bali are beautiful but can be cheeky!

Wherever you go, Bali has amazing landscapes on offer

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