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Baltic Games with Adam Keats

19 Aug

Animal pro skater Adam Keats has been busy. Just last weekend he flew over to Poland to compete in this year's Baltic Games, a crazy skate/music festival featuring some of the best skateboarders in Europe. We caught up with Keatsy to get the lowdown on his weekend.

Hey Keatsy, how was your weekend? We heard you were off to Poland for the Baltic Games, how was it?

Baltic Games is crazy, there's no other way to explain it. They don't hold back over in Gdansk.

I flew over on the Thursday hoping to get some extra warm-up time in. Unfortunately the park wasn't quite finished so we just chilled that night and instead had all of Friday to try to get used to the park. Tell you what, it wasn't easy.

Because the park wasn't quite complete, no rails had been put in and we had a few issues landing our tricks with some loose wood around. That day was definitely more about having fun! Thanks to my result from last year I was straight through to the semi finals so I didn't have to skate until Saturday.

Talk us through you runs!

Saturday came and after a bit of warm up I found out I was in the final heat, both good and bad. It meant I got to watch everyone's first runs and see what standard the semi finals were going to be. It also meant I had to wait and stay warm a whole lot longer, and also faced potentially not skating due to a bit of rain.

The format was 2 skaters - 2 minutes... right up until my heat, where it was just me! I got the park to myself for 2 minutes and once I landed the first few tricks I felt good and just went for it. Landed everything I mapped out in my head and then improvised a bit, only falling on my final trick so I was pretty stoked. Shortly after, everyone's 2nd runs got rained out so we ended up having to wait til Sunday to finish the semi finals off.


Sunday saw the final few heats of semi finals. This time I skated mine with Woody Hoogendijk and took a few more risks, which meant a couple more bails but a couple more difficult tricks. I felt my performance from Saturday would have been enough to qualify me for the finals... I did not however expect it to be enough to put me in 2nd above Maksim Kruglov (2015 winner)!

Due to the BMX comp running longer than expected, the skate finals were pushed back to 7pm. It was getting pretty cold and the more you tried to keep warm the more you ached, but we went on and I aimed to recreate my run from the day before.

Unfortunately I missed a few tricks, which meant I'd have to go for it again in the 2nd run. I had a more solid 2nd run, missing only the last 2 tricks but I knew with the higher standard of the finals that I was going to drop a few places from the day before.

I ended up finishing 6th which I'm still stoked on. Had I not qualified in 2nd I would have probably been more stoked with 6th, but nonetheless I made top 10 and was the only UK skater there so I feel like I did what I wanted to do.

Maksim Kruglov defended his title and took 1st, with my German homie Justin Sommer in 2nd and Douwe Macare from The Netherlands in 3rd.

How was the vibe at the event?  What would you compare it to in the UK?

It's always so much fun at this event. The crowd was super hyped. It's another one of the top Euro events where all the skaters just chill and have a laugh. It's similar to NASS I suppose, the Polish NASS, maybe a bit smaller but there's more focus on the sports side of it so in that way it's better.


Personal highlights?

Personal highlight this year, beating Max in the semi finals haha. Just skating well and having fun really. I put together some good runs and managed to skate the whole park a little differently to the other guys so I'm just hyped to remember it that way!

What’s next?

I have the Amsterdam Dew Tour Am Series next weekend 25 - 30th. I've just received the schedule for the weekend so I'm pretty hyped for it, it'll probably be the biggest event for me this year. So I'm just going to focus on that and see what I can do. Representing the UK again, it's pretty much the Olympics! Haha.

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