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Adam Keats wins the Dew Tour video contest

05 Aug

Animal pro skater Adam Keats just won the Dew Tour online video contest, ensuring him a spot in the next Dew Tour event in Amsterdam. We caught him with Keatsy to get his initial reaction.

How did you go about putting this sweet edit together?

Surprisingly this Dew Tour video contest didn't get much coverage in the UK, I only happened to notice the announcement on Instagram so I quickly dropped Pete Pickford a message and we started organising the video.

Originally we planned to head down to the newly refurbished Mount Hawke skatepark and shoot the whole edit, less than 2 minutes was the only rule I paid attention to so I sorted a private session and we went down. That's why the first load of clips are shot at Hawke all in one session.

It wasn't until later that we actually noticed that you could use any footage from the last two years... so after that all I had to do was leave Pete to it and trust that he'd chuck together some of my best bits from the last two years.


What in your opinion makes a solid skate clip?

There are a lot of aspects you should consider when putting together a skate clip, especially for a contest. Here are some of the most crucial points:

  • No matter how good the skateboarding is, if it's not filmed well it won't look that great. It's important to have whoever is shooting know what they're doing.
  • Always avoid that fast forward thing that people do nowadays, it doesn't look good.
  • If you think there's too much of a gap between tricks, then re-think the line!
  • When it comes to the actual skateboarding, just skate. Skate however you want and get creative, be individual and film what you want, not what you see everyone else posting.


What are your amp levels like on competing at the Dew Tour event in Amsterdam?

I'm so stoked to be heading out to the Dew Tour event in Amsterdam, I wanted to make it last year but couldn't get to the qualifying event so to have made it through the Am Search this year is so rad!

I'm hyped that I will be the UK rep of the Am Search and to top it off my homie Aaron Jago won his way into the contest after taking the top spot at the NASS Am comp, so it's going to be rad flying over with him!


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