Travel Journal

California with Stefani Nurding

26 Jul

After a 3rd place finish at the Unicorn Jam in Mile End, we heard Animal advocate Stefani Nurding was on the move again. We decided to give her a call to see what she was up to this time around.



Los Angeles

It was a little while since we caught up…what's been happening?

I have been working a lot on my blog and creative ideas as well as creating several guest blogs recently which has been rad. Also spent a lot of time in London getting involved in some photo shoots and a documentary about female skaters, as well as the Unicorn Jam at Mile End skatepark.

I've also been down south filming a skate project with some of the guys back home; that has been really funny.

I'm really lucky to have all these opportunities, but obviously I’d always rather be skateboarding!

Current location?

I am currently on a plane to LA, I got invited to skate at Vans Park Series (formerly the Van Doren Invitational) at Huntington beach in California. I’m not even going to try to pretend to be cool about that, I am so so hyped to go and be a part of it, not to mention that the weather will most likely be amazing and I saw a sneak preview of the course… it looks insane.



Stef making the most of being in Cali and shredding a variety of different skateparks up and down the coast.

What else will you do whilst you are there?

Firstly, I really want to get a photo at combi pool. I skated it once for a day and it is really hard to skate but would love to get the chance to go back and get a picture to remember it by.

My friend Kelly also has her birthday on the weekend so I am excited to celebrate that!

Undoubtedly, I will eat and drink lots of amazing food; then nails, obviously. My favourite place is Huntington but I imagine that is going to be pretty busy around this time so probably just ride around on bikes at Long Beach or Venice… Disney, Universal, Yogurt Land, Sushi, Bubble Tea haha… should I go on??

I think we get the idea… What are you packing?

Swimsuits and shorts, caps, some dresses and a nice handbag for my chill days… if I actually have any! Oh and a lot of sunscreen… I have an imprint of the Eucla sunset swimsuit, so I’ll be mainly wearing that whilst I’m here!



What are you listening to?

Literally right now I’m listening to ‘Life of Pablo- Kanye West’ and just a minute ago it was Drake, it’s actually pretty annoying listening to music on a flight it just makes you want to dance but you can’t because you are sat in a chair.

Current hair colour?

Blue and purple mixed. I love it but I wish there was an app so you could change it to whatever you wanted every day. I have a friend called Layla (@curioushairuk) who does it for me and also got sent a load of amazing colours by Maria Nila Stockholm so I’m working my way through those.

Where’s next?

Korea, I love China so much and I heard South Korea is as good as China ^_^.

Animal pro skater Stef Nurding testing the grounds on the Vans Park Series course.

Thanks for the catch up Stef and a massive good luck for the contest this week!!

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