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The Poppy bag features in OK! Magazine

14 Jun

Philly Lewis and the Poppy Bag in Tenerife

Now the weather has finally cheered up and the temperatures reached an acceptable level of warmth, we’ve only got one thing in mind. Beach days!

The kind folk at OK! Magazine covered the one essential item you need to get there in their latest issue, the beach bag. We were stoked to see our very own Poppy bag (shop now) make the cut in their “Hot Five Basket Bags” feature for summer 2016.

We've put together a quick selection of our favourite beach bags below, make sure to have a little browse. 

The Poppy bag - perfect beach bag


Underarm shopper bag
Detachable zip purse


The Hideout women's backpack - perfect beach bag


12 Litre backpack
Adjustable shoulder straps


The Believer bag - perfect for the beach


Medium cross body bag
Detachable strap


The windswept cross body bag - perfect summer handbag

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