Fort Bill is coming…

02 Jun

Clear blue skies and no wind lie ahead this weekend for the UCI Downhill World Cup at Fort William. Yes, we are talking about the one in Scotland.

A mecca for downhill racing, Fort William is one of the toughest and longest tracks on the circuit, it is one of the highlights of the downhill calendar with an awesome amount of support flocking to the Scottish hillside to see arguably the UK’s biggest action sport event.

Feature 1

As we prepare for this year’s race we see no better time than to announce that Animal are once again supporting the Madison Saracen factory race team for 2016. Comprising of Manon Carpenter, Marc Beaumont, Matt Simmonds and Matt Walker, plus a stellar crew of mechanics led by team manager Will Longden, it’s a pleasure to be back working with such a prestigious set up - we can’t wait for the weekend’s event to kick off our season with them!

Back to Bill, and the course is notoriously unforgiving. Last year Manon took a tumble but still managed to pull together a 4th place finish, whilst Matt Simonds came home in 16th. Both will be hoping for more this time round, and with junior rider Matt Walker flying and Marc Beaumont back on two wheels, it will be an exciting weekend of action we’re sure.

To get you in the mood we head back to this time last year, and Claudio Caluori chasing Manon down the track.