Lucy Campbell's escape to Indonesia

17 May

Our newest team member Lucy Campbell has just dropped a bomb. The edit from her trip to Indo is absolutely ace as she raises the bar for British female surfing.

We caught up with Lucy to find out more on her experience out in Indonesia.

Epic clip Lucy, how long were you out there for?

I was out there for around a month in the end, training hard and enjoying the lifestyle these islands have to offer. I had such a great time and can't wait to go back now!

Looks like you scored a variety of world-class waves, which one was your favourite break?

I know, Sumbawa is filled with amazing waves and is a definite ‘must-go’ for any surfer seeking a little adventure. I’d have to say the main peak at Lakey’s was the highlight for me. It can get mega busy but if you time it right and don’t mind a few knots of wind you can have dreamy sessions with just a few friends out!

Lucy Campbell - Carving - Indonesia

What was your most memorable moment?

One day we went on a little boat trip in search of waves. We left super early in the morning when it was still pitch black, as the sun came up we were joined by dolphins and whales splashing around in the pink morning light. It was mind-blowing! (We also ended up scoring a sweet little right hand point to top this off.)

Indonesia is renowned for its fresh traditional cuisine, and we're big fans of a good old Nasi Goreng. What was your favourite meal out there?

That’s a toughie! It’s a close call between Mie Goreng (Indonesian noodle dish) and Satay chicken! Breakfast out there is pretty amazing too. We had the now traditional banana pancakes and dragon fruit smoothies most mornings, perfect fuel to tackle the full on days ahead.

Lucy Campbell - Carvaing, again - Indonesia

What are your plans heading into the summer? Busy WQS schedule ahead?


Making Waves

Crochet back bikini top
Pick 'n' Mix range


Yes definitely. The WQS tour kicks off for me in July which I am super excited for! It’s been a long winter of hard work and I’m keen to sink my teeth into some European events now.

In the meantime I’m off to warmer waters again for a few fun projects and some more training. I’m absolutely amped for it all as I love surfing in bikini, and well the Animal summer range ain’t too shabby!

My favourite bikini is the Making Waves bikini top combined with pretty much any bikini bottoms! The top is super cute with its crochet back and holds really well when surfing, it’s ideal!

Any tips for the peeps planning their first Indonesian excursion?

Bali is beautiful but over the years it has definitely become somewhat busy and, well not as peaceful as it used to be! I’d say to make the most of Indonesia and truly experience its culture you’ve got to visit some of the other islands as well.

Also make sure to embrace the local food and get to talk to some of the locals, some of their stories and lifestyle is really inspiring.

Lucy Campbell - Indonesian Sunset

Lucy Campbell in the Kira dress - Indonesia