The BRITS - it's a wrap

12 Apr

The BRITS took place in a very snowy LAAX last week. As we mentioned in our previous post, we had a huge Animal contingency on location, and boy did they not disappoint.

Some of our riders went all out competing in a number of different categories; excelling along the way were freeskiers Chris McCormick and Madi Rowlands.

Ski Bangers & Cash - Chris 6 - Photo Aivars Zee Zarins

At only 17 years of age, Chris dominated the free skiing categories. He took out the Men Open Bangers & Cash and finished 3rd in the Men Open Slopestyle event with a 450 on to front 2 off in his third and final run, which landed him at the top of the Men U18 podium. He also competed in the Ski Halfpipe event and finished 1st in the Men U18.

Ski Halfpipe - Chris MC podium - Photo Johan Höllmüller

After his Bangers & Cash win, Chris said:

“I am really stoked. It was a good comp, a lot of good riding so yeah, I am really pleased to get the title. It was really tight out there. There were a lot of good riders doing a lot of good stuff. Everyone was killing it and doing their own thing taking different lines and doing different tricks. I am really happy with my riding today.”

Ski Halfpipe - Madi 2 - Photo Johan Höllmüller

Ski Halfpipe - Madi 3 - Photo Johan Höllmüller

Madi Rowlands was another one to dominate throughout the whole contest. As per tradition she entered all categories she could enter, and ended up with a whopping 6 podium finishes. In a nutshell:

  • 1st in Women Open Ski Halfpipe
  • 1st in Women U16 Halfpipe
  • 1st in Women Open Ski Bangers & Cash
  • 2nd in Women Open Ski Slopestyle
  • 1st in Women U16 Ski Slopestyle
  • 2nd in Women U16 Skiercross

In the halfpipe event, Madi took the win with a huge straight air, alley-oop, tail grab, alley-oop 5, straight air, 360 and switch straight air.

“There is no doubt that I am really happy. I didn’t really feel much pressure because I have been doing World Cups so to be honest I just enjoyed shredding with the younger athletes and showing them what it is like. I was so happy for Kirsty taking the bronze, she definitely deserved it. To see her throwing the tricks she did at her age is amazing.”

Ski Bangers & Cash - Madi 2 - Photo Aivars Zee Zarins

Her front switch up to lipslide rail slide in the Bangers & Cash event gave her the victory over the impressive 11 year old Kirsty Muir, who took a very close second position.

Afterwards, she said: “Today was really good fun. It was great to be shredding with all the little kids. I am stoked to win again and The BRITS have been a lot of fun. I will be back next year 100%.”

Snow SBX - Harry Waite podium U16 - Photo Aivars Zee Zarins

In the snowboard discipline it was Harry Waite who snatched up most Men's U16 categories with a 1st in the Halfpipe, Slopestyle, Bangers & Cash and SBX events!

In the Men's Open, Bangers & Cash Bronze went to Harry as well, who at just 15 years old is now a certain one to watch. Harry and his brother George both qualified for the 6 man final, and rode incredibly well, but in the end it was Harry's huge gap to back board on the double kink that put him ahead, and onto the podium.

Snow B&C - Harry Waite 1 - Photo Aivars Zee Zarins

One of our big hopes for this season’s BRITS was on our main man Murray Buchan. After last year’s success in the Men Open Ski Halfpipe, he was aiming for another top place finish. Although he came up just short against Peter Speight, his performance was no short of extraordinary.

The conditions were tough after half a metre of snow fell overnight, and the Laax halfpipe shapers had to work overtime to prepare the world-class pipe for the British Halfpipe Championships. It was always going to be a tight contest between GB Park and Pipe riders Murray and Pete, but after Buchan fell on a double attempt in run two, it was Speight who reigned supreme to take the title with his second run of a safety 9, a 9 tailgrab right mute, switch left 7 japan flat to 5 japan to a final left mute 7.

Ski Halfpipe - Murray 2 - Photo Johan Höllmüller

Ski Halfpipe - Murray 3 - Photo Johan Höllmüller

Buchan’s run of a huge 9 tailgrab, 5 with safety grab, flair safety, 7 inside tailgrab, a solid switch cork 7 japan and alley-oop 5 japan got him the silver medal.

“Unfortunately I didn’t manage to keep my halfpipe title this year. I messed up on my first run ever so slightly and then I completely went for it on the second. Due to bad weather I didn’t quite have speed for my double, but I had to go for it if I wanted the score and landed right on my head. I went to win and I tried my best but unfortunately it was just a bad day at the office.”

Ski Halfpipe - Murray podium - Photo Johan Höllmüller

This signs off this season's BRITS. Another year of great performance, amazing camaraderie and all round British banter. A definite favourite amongst all British snow riders, and we all look forward to next year's antics. Let's hope the weather plays ball this time!