High Lines - Episode 1

10 Apr

In 2015 we ran an Instagram competition inviting fans to join the ride for a chance to win a trip of a lifetime with an athlete of their choice. The winner, Sky Shaw, is a 17 years old surfer from Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire. We waited for the perfect forecast before sending Sky on a plane with Stokesy, bound for Morocco.

Read on as Stokesy recalls one of his best trips of 2015.

High Lines - The boys enjoying the views from above. Look at that set up! #pointbreakheaven

Our #jointheride trip to the famous point breaks of Morocco nearly didn’t happen. Sky, our comp winner, had to come all the way down to Gatwick from chilly Newcastle to meet us and, in true British style, his train was running late. Anthony Butler —our filmer— and I were twiddling our thumbs at the Royal Air Maroc check-in, when finally Sky appeared in the distance, surfboard in hand and a little tired from his sprint from the South Terminal. As we cleared security, we had one last excited look at what seemed to be a gift of a chart, and headed on our way.

High Lines - The airports in Morocco are quite something

High Lines - The boys amped on the forecast as they check in at the airport

It's fair to say Sky and Stokesy didn't have the smoothest of journeys. But thankfully the rest of trip made up for it.

With further delays leaving Gatwick, we arrived in Casablanca only to find we had missed our connecting flight to Agadir. We were also told that we’d have to spend the night there as the next flight wasn’t before 10am the next day. “Ah shocker” we thought, we’re going to miss the dawn surf but, undeterred, we started to hash out a plan to hire a car and drive through the night.

However, turns out our boards were inaccessible due to them being in transit for our next flight and so our plan fell apart. The dawn surf would have to wait.

High Lines - Banana Point on fire

High Lines - Banana Point doing its thing

When the waves are that good, the last thing you want to do is being stuck in an airport waiting.

High Lines - The boys chilling at the airport while waiting for thier boards

We landed in Agadir the next day, the sun was blazing and we saw what looked like some really nice swell on our approach to the runway. But when we got to the baggage carousel there were no surfboards in sight. The baggage desk kindly informed us that our plane in was too full, so some bags, our boards included, didn’t make it on. We left our details and decided that, worst case scenario, body surfing the points in our pants would be way more fun than sitting around an airport waiting for our boards.

Our luck finally turned when we arrived at the Moroccan Surf Adventures surf camp. Turns out the boys there had a pretty eclectic quiver of boards for us to borrow. We were like kids in a candy store. Sky chose a pretty high performance thruster, whilst I went for a sweet looking vintage twin fin.

High Lines - Sky about to enjoy his first surf of the trip - Banana Point

We rocked up at Banana Point fired-up, already knowing the surf was pumping. We rounded the bend into the dusty car park on the headland and watched as a perfect 4ft set wrapped its ruler edged lines down the point.

The pure chaos of board waxing, leash finding, and fin tightening that ensued was pretty classic, as we all rushed to get changed and get out there for a few waves before sunset. We had a blast that evening and Sky was ripping, he even found a left (not sure how he did that on a right point) and presided to throw down a pretty cool air on the inside ramp.

High Lines - Stokesy sending it into the night - Banana Point

High Lines - The boys capturing the sunset - Banana Point

If you're a fan of sunsets, then you should definitely make Morocco your next destination. Stokesy capturing the moment.

Back at the car, we watched the sun set over the sea as the most incredible colours slowly faded away into the dark of night. Soon conversation started about what tomorrow’s swell and wind forecast would bring. Chef Momo from Moroccan Surf Adventures cooked us an amazing tagine, the local dish, and we headed off to the airport on a mission to pick up our shred sticks.

High Lines - Sunset - Banana Point