High Lines - Episode 3

28 Apr

In 2015 we ran an Instagram competition inviting fans to join the ride for a chance to win a trip of a lifetime with an athlete of their choice. The winner, Sky Shaw, is a 17 years old surfer from Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire. We waited for the perfect forecast before sending Sky on a plane with Stokesy, bound for Morocco.

Read on as Stokesy recalls one of his best trips of 2015.


The following morning we were awoken by the sound of massive waves crashing down on the beach break out front. We jumped out of bed and stared out the window as a solid slow motion set pounded onto the sand. Bigger boards were fetched and thicker leashes were attached as we loaded everything onto the trucks for our final day.



It was time to load up the car and head off on yet another mission up the local dirt tracks, in search for the best possible set up.

We headed up the coast on yet another mission, passing so many perfectly groomed point breaks along the way. We finally decided on a spot that looked ideal for the swell size, and watched as fast zippy 4ft waves whizzed along the sand and rock bottom point. We surfed there for a few hours and had a blast, until the tide dropped out and the point couldn’t really handle the building swell anymore.



Point breaks after point breaks after point breaks. Most probably one of the most exciting bit of driving they've ever done.


After lunch we embarked on a mission up the coast to see how good we could score this swell. Following a couple of hours drive, we eventually found the place we were looking for and it was absolutely perfect. We suited up and climbed down the cliff and into the water, but it wasn’t long before we realised the rip current coming down the point was way too strong for us to handle. It was heart breaking watching perfect unridden waves reeling just out of arm’s reach. We both caught a couple of fun waves but admitted defeat when we found ourselves probably a mile down from our jump off spot.


With a few hours of light left we decided it was up to Sky, as our comp winner, to choose where we’d have our final surf, and Anchor Point it was. Now I’ve seen Anchor in various moods over the years, and to be honest it’s never really appealed to me that much. But when we pulled up I ate humble pie, because it was PUMPING.


It was Anchor point like Stoker had never seen it before. Blissful walls of goodness rolling into the bay, providing ample high lines opportunities.


We both surfed until sundown; Sky caught some great waves and was speeding along on his backhand, taking some really nice high lines and laying down some nice swooping carves. I had an absolute blast, it’s so rare to get such a well formed fast wall to lean on and carve against, add the wedging take offs into the tube and Anchor Point soon became one of my all-time favourite waves to surf.


And just like that, our last-minute mission to Morocco was over. We scored a stellar chart and stayed with an awesome crew at Moroccan Surf Adventures. I think we were all agreed, Christmas had come early for us bunch of surf frothers.