Size doesn't matter

28 Jan

After the world’s largest half-pipe opened in Laax last year, we decided to send Animal pro riders Murray Buchan and Dom Harington on a mission to score some clips. 

Who better than our Team GB Olympians to answer that age old question, does size matter?

We caught up with the boys to get the lowdown on their experience and find out what they had in the pipeline.

You both competed in Sochi in the same team, how was it to get to hang out together again? Good banter?

Murray: It was really great to hang out together again with Dom. It had been a long time so it was really cool to watch him ride. We used to ride together a lot throughout the season as the Snowboard and Ski events ran side by side a lot, so it was just like old time. Especially being with Johno in such a good half-pipe was a great laugh as well as great skiing.

Dom: Murray has always been the top lad. Ever since I have known him he has cracked me up non-stop. This trip was no exception and hence the need to do a bit of a skit with the lad himself.

Size doesn't matter - Dom Harington and Murray Buchan

Murray you’re preparing for some world cup events, how valuable was it being able to train on the world’s biggest half-pipe?

Murray: Training in the half-pipe in Laax (the big one) was probably the most valuable skiing time for me all season. It is such a good half-pipe and very safe because of the huge transition that it meant I could try my tricks and not have such a big risk factor. It was perfect every day with perfect sun. It was ideal for me to progress my skiing. Perfect half-pipe, filmer and Dom to help push me. I will definitely be going back this winter to try and get some more time in it!

Can you give us a quick rundown on the next few events you’ve got coming up?

Murray: At the moment I am in Mammoth and I have just finished a World Cup, with a Europa Cup this week. As soon as this is finished I then fly to Salt Lake City to do another World Cup in Park City. Once that is done I will get a bit of a break at home before hopefully heading to Laax and then onto Tignes for 10 days of training followed by a World Cup. That will be the end of the World Cups. So fingers crossed I can then squeeze in some time in Laax if the snow hangs around!

Size doesn't matter - Dom Harington

And Dom, how good was it to get back on the pipe after a fair amount of time shredding the back country?

Dom: Yes it was really good to get back in the pipe again after a bit of a break. With pipe the conditions vary a lot so you never know how it’s going to be, but luckily on the days we were in Laax it was absolutely perfect.

Does this give you any motivation to get back on the comp scene? Or instead does it confirm your move away from competitive pressure?

Dom: I do miss competing a little bit but then there is so much more different snowboarding that I want to do that I feel happy to carry on the exploration. I had some good days competing but think I can be happy with the memories!