Introducing Animal Active

22 Jan

We are proud to announce the launch of Animal’s very own active wear range for Spring 2016. The range features everything you need to keep your fitness and happiness levels up in the new year.

We’ve caught up with designer Gemma White to get the low-down on this amazing collection.

The range involves a really strong variety of fitness garments; what was the science behind putting such pieces together in an overall active wear range?

We wanted to create a range that met a wide variety of fitness needs, from the track to the gym or yoga class. We are all pretty active people ourselves and we used this experience to create pieces that are not only functional but also wear well together across the collection.

Active Women's_SS16-16

Active Women's_SS16-72

The colour palette has a hint of exotic with a touch of neon. Where did the inspiration come from?

The Animal Active palette takes inspiration from the beautiful outdoor surroundings we train in. The aqua blues remind us of days out on the water, the pinks and purples are of sunset running through the park, or practicing yoga on the beach. We wanted the colours to be feminine and energising so we included bright pops of neon as well as a touch of acid green to compliment the colours of our natural training ground.

Active Women's_SS16-90

There are quite a few technical features involved in the range. Can you tell us a little more about those and their purpose?

It was important to us that the clothes really performed for fitness activities. We therefore worked to use fabrics that met these needs and to include details that would enhance their function as active wear.

Choosing to use moisture wicking fabric is important as it draws moisture and sweat away from the body to the exterior of the garment, where it can evaporate more easily. This means you don’t get left with a cold damp layer on your skin, making training far more comfortable. We have also made sure to use super stretchy fabric for our leggings and tops, meaning they allow for full flexibility whatever yoga stretch or athletic move you are attempting! Fit is key for active wear and many of the products in our range, such as the Zhanna ¾ running legging, use a panel construction to give a closer contoured feel.

Whether you choose energising beats or calming harmonies, music can be super important for working-out. We’ve spent lots of time refining the detail of the audio ports used across the range so that they function really well. The Kayleigh and Samtosa Flame tops have a little loop at the neckline where you can thread your earphone cable through to stop it leaping around as you move.



The Lea Felix bra top has a discrete pocket inside the front apex, perfect for a small MP3 player. For the Allyson Rush fitness hoody and Sanya Sprint running jacket, we wanted wearers to be able to keep their earphone cord inside the garment, meaning you stay tangle free when cycling or running.

We therefore located audio ports inside different pockets, along with a loop at the neckline to secure the earphone cord as it emerges from the top of the garment. We believe it’s these little details that make all the difference when you are training hard.



Fighting the elements is often a necessity when you are training in the British Isles so we made weather resistant properties a key feature for our Sanya Sprint running jacket. The fabric is weatherproof - so there’s no excuse not to go for a run on those windy or drizzly days. The snug fitting neck with elastic draw cords and thumbholes to the sleeves also make it extra protective against the elements.

For an active jacket it is important that it remains breathable, we ensured this with the addition of a back vent and mesh panels. We’ve paid plenty of attention to the details, including reflective elements to keep you visible when light is low.



Within the range as a whole, the claw logos have all been given a reflective finish. The jacket also has a zip pocket to the back as we found runners prefer to carry small items here because they tend to bounce around in traditional side pockets.

One of my favourite little details is the all-important spare hairband attached to the zip. It might seem like a simple addition but when you’re out running in a gale it can become an essential!

A couple of pieces in the range are marked as yoga specific garments. Can you tell us the theory behind that?

Often the features that are important for running or cycling just aren’t relevant for practicing yoga, so we wanted to create some specific pieces that really have yoga in mind. For these we’ve focused on the design detail, rather than technical features.

The Niyama leggings, for example, don’t have any external zipped pockets as many yoga postures require you to lie on the floor and the last thing you want is a zip-pull digging into your back! Instead we’ve created a little hidden pocket inside the waistband of the leggings. We’ve kept the moisture wicking fabric and used a double-layer design for the waistband, incorporating control elastic within the construction, making it very flattering and comfortable to wear.

Active Women's_SS16-6

Active Women's_SS16-28

The Prana Leigh is our macramé back tee, again designed with a yoga focus. Lots of attention has been given to the fit of the garment, with a slightly heavier weight of fabric used. The beauty is in the visual detail, with the striking macramé back creating a lovely effect.

All in all, we’ve worked hard to design a range that encompasses a variety of really handy technical features, as well as making sure the pieces look stylish and feel great to wear.