Get your resolutions right in 2016

08 Jan

What a ride 2015 has been. We’ve welcomed some new faces to the team, produced award winning surf films, got inspired from watching Martyn Ashton getting back on his bike and helped organize some amazing action sports events around the UK. Hey we’ve even attended the world’s first ever surf contest in a lake!

But now it’s time to put 2016 behind us and focus on the year ahead. A new year means an opportunity to start fresh, and there’s no better time to set yourselves some new goals.

Now we’re all used to the classic ‘lose weight’, ‘hit the gym’, ‘eat healthy’, etc… But we think they’re a bit boring and not quite to the point. So we’ve gone out and asked our riders to take the drivers seat and tell us what their resolutions were.


Dom Harington

Don’t be lazy, hike for it!

I broke my collar bone during my Christmas day shred this year so my first New Year resolution is to get it better! But I think the best way to heal it is to keep it surrounded with nice soft powdery pillows.

So my official New Year resolution is to keep searching for the deepest softest snow where ever that may be! If I’ve got to hike for it, so be it.


Active Women's_SS16-8

Active Women's_SS16-37

Philly Lewis

Be kind to myself and do what makes me happy.

You can't give fully to others unless you are happy and healthy yourself.

Whether it be 10 minutes of yoga, an early morning surf, a run or a breath of fresh air by the sea, I'm going to dedicate some time to myself each day to be outside.


Murray Buchan

Be better prepared for skiing.

I always tend to underestimate the weather. If it is sunny I always presume it's warm and if it's snowing it can't be that bad.

So this year I am going to make the most of all the amazing gear that Animals helps me out with and always stay warm whilst on the slopes. 




Blake Samson

Become a boss at surfing

I’d love to become a boss at surfing; I mean more than I already am! That way I can have banging surf times with team mate Alan Stokes.

Another resolution is to make more RAD edits throughout the year and see more of the world in the process. Discovering Whistler for the first time in 2015 was an epic experience, bring on more of this in 2016!


Sophie Hellyer

More heart actions, more yoga, more pool time.

I hadn’t really spent much time thinking about resolutions this year until now, but it’s kind of a simple one for me. Less intentions, more heart actions.

I know how acting from my heart can transform situations and relationships. I have also begun practicing more yoga, swimming and free dive training since the New Year and it’s making me feel stronger and healthier.