James Threlfall - Winter War

31 Dec

Animal rider James Threlfall has had a busy year riding, filming and pushing himself across the UK. This is his full 2015 section, Winter War.

The first few clips of James' part were filmed in the Campus Pool Skatepark. This brand new Bristol park is situated in the old Bishopsworth swimming pool, which was shut down in 2012. The park is the first of its kind in Britain, using some of the classic poolside features left behind after the transformation. These include the shower area, classic poolside tiled flooring and a racing clock, giving the park this sleek old school feel. 

James Threlfall - Winter War 1

James Threlfall - Winter War 2

The edit is a perfect reminder of James' dominance when it comes to big lofty airs, but also shows us just how versatile his talent has become. Here's what the Wiltshire boy had to say on the edit:

"Winter War is my first proper section that I've really spent months working on. Having released a part in 2014, it was essentially only shot across a handful of sessions, so being able to get stuck into filming over the timespan of about a year has been a really great experience.

I guess the main thing I really wanted to focus on was variety and diversity, hitting loads of different terrain - from street handrails, to vert bowls, I wanted to get as much in there as possible. Having the opportunity to work with Pete, Ed and Justin on filming has been great and I'm so grateful for them getting super involved. I guess it would be easy for this to be seen as my project that they're filming for, but I'm stoked that they've all looked at is as 'our project' that we've all contributed to - that's how I always wanted this to be. 

Typically, filming in England meant that come October the weather became appalling so finishing this part has been a bit of a nightmare - hence the name, 'Winter War'. I'm stoked though to have this finished and am really pleased with the feedback I've been given so far.

I'd just like to say a big thank you to Animal for making this project possible, as well as additional thanks to Element, Skate Warehouse, Fuel 10K and RampNation skatepark for having my back throughout the whole process. I'm eternally grateful for the support I receive and the great projects that I get to be a part of."

More of the same in 2016 James!

James Threlfall - Winter War 3