Blake Samson - That Whistler Feeling

01 Dec

Animal Clothing presents "That Whistler Feeling" with Blake Samson.

Everyone knows that feeling you get when you first roll up to the lift station, eyes wide, heart pounding and an uncontrollable grin from ear to ear! Whistler is the place where dreams are made, this bike mecca draws in crowds from all over the globe to ride these magical dirt tracks! Even pro riders can't control their emotions, Blake Samson was fortunate to pop his Whistler cherry this summer!

Never thought or understood what it felt like to be in the Whistler Bike Park...until I had the opportunity to head out there. It's insane, the buzz you get just rocking up in the small town of Whistler. EVERYONE loves mountain bikes. Shredding the 100's of trails that the park has to offer is over whelming.

The feeling you get following your buddies through a sick run of Dirt Merchant or A-Line is unreal! All day riding the park and you just can't wait to get the first lift the next day and do it again...even though your hands, arms, legs and brain is exhausted. You just can't stop yourself from getting back out and up the mountain. - Blake Samson

Words: Pink Bike

Rider: Blake Samson
Video: Laurence Crossman-Emms (
Location: Whistler Bike Park

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