Top 10 Team Rider Christmas Picks

20 Nov

We've recently launched our Christmas gift guide feature on the site, helping you find those gifts your loved ones deserve. Yes, we have a lot of goodies in there...

We understand that this may be slightly overwhelming, so we thought we'd put together a Top 10 picks for Men's and Women's, selected by some of our best riders, to give you the little bit of inspiration you need to get started.


Blake Samson

My picks for Christmas are the Cordy shirt jacket and the Commuter backpack.

The Cordy... is a shirt? a jacket? I'm not too sure, but what I know is that it's super comfortable, looks awesome and is super versatile. Depending on what you layer it up with, you could wear it on a nice summer's evening with just a tee underneath or in the winter with a cool crew neck jumper.

It has an awesome quilted lining inside, in fact it's pretty much like wearing a duvet. I've picked the Commuter bag not only because it goes really well with the jacket, but also because it's one of the classiest bags in the Animal range.

Cordy - £75

Commuter - £40


Dom Harington

My picks for Christmas are the Heathe boots and the Jamison jacket.

I love the Heathe boots, a brand new style for Animal this year. They’re your proper rugged outdoors boots but look classic and stylish enough to easily get away with it in any situation. They’re really comfortable and warm as well, the perfect gift heading into the colder months.

It’s for similar reasons that I’ve chosen the Jamison jacket. It’s one of Animal’s warmest jackets and thanks to the multiple drawcords it fits really nicely. Love the Olive Green colour, really nice and subtle and goes with anything in the winter.

Jamison - £120

Heathe - £70


Alan Stokes

My picks for Christmas are the Sycamore hoodie and the GoPro Hero 4 Black.

Why a GoPro? Because it’s the ultimate Christmas present. The Hero 4 Black is epic, it shoots 4K and allows anyone to capture amazing moments. I love using mine when the waves are firing, I’ve always been a fan of POV tube clips and that’s just the tool for it.

The Sycamore hoodie is just really nice. It’s soft and the marl texture looks pretty cool I think. Hoodies are just awesome, it’s the ultimate surfing companion and will keep you warm and toasty whatever mission you embark on.

Hero 4 Black - £329

Sycamore - £55


James Webb

My picks for Christmas are the Allex beanie and the Fars fingerless gloves.

Back to basics I know but these are proper winter essentials. I love the fingerless gloves, not only can I actually use my phone with them but they also look really cool and off course keep me warm when I need it.

I’m really impressed with Animal’s range of beanies this year. There’s some seriously cool numbers in there, notably the Bear, the Canye, the Forrestham and off course the Allex, which is the one that I’ve got. They all come in bunch of really nice colourways too so make sure to check these out.

Allex - £15

Fars - £12


Jesse Smith

My pick for Christmas is the Asher sweat pants. They are so comfy, can't wait to wear them on the 25th!

Asher - £40


Jobe Harriss

My favourite shirt for this Christmas has to be the Silverstoe. Perfect apres-surf comforter.

Silverstoe - £65


Anna Vincenti

My picks for Christmas are the Soren tech jacket and the Wave Script hoodie.

When you’re skiing as much as I do you really need a jacket that’s going to keep up with you and keep you warm for as long as possible. I love the Soren jacket, not only does it look great with the pink shoulders and arms, it also fits great thanks to the adjustable waist drawcords.

The jacket is 10K waterproof and breathable with fully taped seams and has loads of insulation features so you can feel safe knowing you’ll be warm when you ride. The Wave Script hoodie has a really nice printed and embroided back graphic and just fits perfect!

Soren - £180

Wave Script - £50


Corinne Evans

My picks for Christmas are the Walker jacket and the Maui Ray shirt.

Surfing Cornwall in winter often gets quite cold and it’s essential to have clothes that are going to keep you warm when you come out of the surf. The Walker jacket does just that for me. When you pop that fully faux furred hood on, it’s like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket of cosiness, it’s great!

The Maui Ray is by far my favourite Animal shirt this season. It’s got a slightly longer cut with a proper boyfriend fit and is made out of the softest material. It’s just so comfortable, I love it.

Walker - £120

Maui Ray - £40


Georgie Timson

My picks for Christmas are the Cho sweat dress and the Velvet Adella socks.

Sweat dresses are awesome. Such a casual everyday winner. It’s warm, comfortable and even has a hood to keep you toasty when you need it. The Cho is perfect for day outs, when I’m on the hunt for some waves. It goes really well with tights, leggings or jeans.

The Velvet Adella socks are so comfy! I’ll definitely be wearing those on Christmas day. They’re super fluffy, I either wear them on their own as slippers at home or when I’m wearing my Lash welly boots.

Cho - £55

Velvet Adella - £12


Sophie Hellyer

My picks for Christmas are the Becki beanie hat and the Belle Bell dress.

Two pieces that really go well together in my opinion. The Belle Bell dress is great, you can wear it loose if that’s what you fancy or you can adjust it with the belt, allowing for different kinds of styling.

The Becki beanie is really cute. The combination of the knitted pattern, the fluffy bobble and the classic Animal leather patch has been put together really nicely, and obviously it's super warm, so it's a winner.

Becki - £18

Belle Bell - £50


Stefani Nurding

My picks for Christmas are the Veritee snapback and the Retro Rookie crew neck.

You can get quite warm when you skate so you need something that’s going to keep you covered but be fairly lightweight at the same time. The Retro Rookie crew neck does that perfectly. I love the geometrical graphic on it, it’s pretty funky!

The 5-panel snapback is pretty cool too. It’s made from this soft material that’s slightly warmer than you normal cap, so it’s pretty fitting for winter. It keeps my hair out the way when I skate too so it definitely does the job.

Veritee - £22

Retro Rookie - £40