Autumn 2015 Lookbook - Isle of Skye

24 Nov

We recently published our Autumn/Winter 2015 video lookbook and lifestyle gallery shot in the beautiful land of Snowdonia. In keeping with the theme of British Heritage, we packed our bags and traveled to the spectacular Isle of Skye in Scotland.

We called up team riders James Webb, Dom Harington, Jesse Smith, Anna Vincenti and Sophie Hellyer, and embarked on a week of great adventures, roaming the lakes and hills of Skye. What we found was a stunning and untouched land, blessed with huge mountains and a beautiful coastline filled with 100ft cliffs and waterfalls.

This is a visual representation of what the collection is about: good times with friends, exploring the outdoors, and just simply embarking on that next journey, wherever this may be. The UK is home to some of the most stunning landscapes, and we thought it was only fitting as a British heritage action sports brand to make you discover its beauty. 

Check out the behind the scene video above and take a look at our lookbook gallery below.

Lookbook Skye - Sophie Hellyer 1

Lookbook - Dom Harington 1

Lookbook Skye - Anna Vincenti 1

Lookbook Skye - Dom Harington 2

Lookbook Skye - Sophie Hellyer 2

Lookbook Skye - James Webb 1

Lookbook Skye - Anna Vincenti 2

Skye - Dom Harington 3

Skye - Sophie Hellyer 3

Skye - Dom Harington

Skye - Anna Vincenti 3

Skye - James Webb 2

Skye - Sophie Hellyer 5