Adam Keats - Weekend in London

19 Oct

Adam Keats' latest video just dropped and it's a killer. It showcases a quick weekend trip skating around the Big Smoke with close friends Aaron Jago and Jack Steele. We caught up with Keatsy to get a little bit of insight into what it's like to skate in London.

London must be full of rad little skate spots, how easy was it to find them?

Yeah man, London is packed full of spots! My knowledge isn't too bad so I led the first day of the trip and fortunately we got helped out by a couple of local skaters the next day.  Although to be honest we were avoiding taking the tube in the hope of stumbling across lesser know spots, it seemed to work!

The video says it was shot during a weekend, yet there’s a serious amount of different locations featured, did you literally skate non-stop the whole time?

It was a total of 2 and a half days with 3 of us and by the end of it we could barely walk. The video was originally for an online competition, we needed to make a 3 minute edit and each team had a month to film... except us, it was virtually impossible to get everyone up from the south west for that one weekend let alone trying to go back up again. So yeah, we pretty much tried to film on anything we came by just to stack up the tricks and get as much as we could.

There’s a little nudge to the Big Smoke crowds in the video, was it a real problem or were people quite enthusiastic with the three of you skating about?

Haha it had its ups and downs. Sometimes you get the happy tourist that's hyped on seeing us skate and land tricks which is awesome, on the other hand you get the grumpy pedestrian that either wants to fight you or waste Police time. We even had a bit of conflict with a guy that was dressed up pretending to be security right by Westminster, it was priceless! We asked for his Security I.D and his response was 'Here it is!' as he held up his fist! It all just adds to the drama of a filming trip.

A couple of clips show you and the others taking a couple of painful looking beatings, how bad did you get hurt?

I got away quite light on this trip, I have the funny bail near Southbank where I fall backwards over a rail into the plant patch which was one to laugh off really as there were hundreds of people walking by. Jack got a bit bruised slipping out on the ledge by St Pauls but continued to battle on as that was pretty much the first spot we hit, but Aaron... Aaron took the heaviest slams which haven't actually made it into the edit. He wanted to Backside 360 a 10 set just as we were about to go home, it was getting dark and cold but he went for it and it didn't look like fun! I'm sure you can find the clips on Instagram somewhere but as you may have guessed he didn't make it. Hopefully we'll go back one day to get it!

Overall it was a pretty successful trip, given the timescale I think we're all stoked on the final result and a big thank you to Peter Pickford for putting it all together and actually making it look good!