Blake Samson at the Nine Knights

11 Sep

Blake Samson was invited to take part in Suzuki’s Nine Knights event presented by GoPro. The event is a celebration of high performance MTB with a tight selection of some of the best riders in the world. The idyllic location of Livigno, Italy was the perfect set up for the riders to go huge and let their creativity take over.

Although the actual contest part took place over one day only, the whole week was a highlight as the riders pushed the boundaries of performance and media experimentation. The several photographers and videographers on location worked really hard to provide us with unseen angles and beautiful imagery while the riders had GoPro cameras attached everywhere for some of the craziest POVs we’ve ever seen.


“This has to be the best event I have ever been to and I had the best time ever on my bike” said an ecstatic Blake Samson, who just got back from the trip.

"It was a dream come true to be nominated for the event. I tried to get invited last year but just didn’t make the cut, so it really felt special to be a part of it this year. It was good to ride with everyone without the competitive pressure. It was just like hanging out with good mates for a whole week pushing the boundaries."


The Nine Knights was an action packed event, and seeing the standard of what was achieved throughout the week we really wanted to know what Blake's highlight was.

"To be honest the whole week was a highlight, but seeing what the photographers came up with at the end of the week was absolutely insane. The lighting on some of the shots was out of this world, pure gold with the sunset in the background. Some of the photographers really came up with unique angles and a brand new way of looking at mountain biking."

"It was good to see a variety of different bikes thrown into the mix in one single event, and especially good to see the downhill bikes being pushed to the next level. Really amped for next year now…"


Check out the photo gallery and highlight edit below and judge for yourself…

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