House Artist Skateboard Series

25 Aug

The House Artists are at the very core of the Animal brand. They are freethinkers, creators; individualist in their approach, no two are on the same path and it’s their interpretations that inspire us daily.

For this summer they were offered a different brief: Animal’s first ever skateboards. Limited edition, there would be 200 cruisers and 200 longboards produced.  

Hear from the artists behind the boards, Rich Tayler and Daniel Murphy.

Rich Tayler. The Cruizer, 8-Ply 100% Canadian Maple. 4.5” trucks, 45mm wheels. ABEC-7 bearings.

“Before joining Animal as an apparel graphic artist I worked in a local skate shop - which is actually the oldest skate shop in the country - for about 5 years. 

It was here that my passion for skating and illustration and art really grew. Being brought up with these influences was the inspiration in the graphic and board style.”

 The Cruizer

Daniel Murphy. The Flow Longboard. 5-Ply 100% Chinese Bamboo. 7” trucks, 51mm wheels. ABEC-11 bearings.

"As in-house graphic artists at Animal we got asked to take on a new project that involved a new vehicle for illustrative work. 

Normally we design for garments, so the opportunity to design a skateboard was quite exciting, working for an action sports brand and being constantly exposed to the industry I thought that a classic wave illustration would be relevant and present the most interesting shape for the board. I added a submerged dynamic to the drawing to give the deck more depth."


The Flow Longboard

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