Pure Darkness 2, South Africa

23 Mar

Words by a very excitable Blake Samson

When I was invited by my buddy Sam Reynolds to be part of the Pure Darkness 2 film project out in Cape Town, South Africa, my answer was HELL YEAH! I booked my flight that week, I couldn't wait to be back in my home continent.

Eye in the sky

The two weeks in South Africa was action packed, there wasn’t a day where we sat around wondering what to do. The first few days was all about seeing what Cape Town had to offer. Beaches, Table Mountain, Surfing and night life were all experienced before filming and taking part in this year’s Night Harvest trails jam in Hout Bay.

The Night Harvest is an event put on by Monster Energy a bunch of RAD dudes. Taking place at sun set and continuing into the night with a best trick, mountain bike and BMX jams. It was all about riding with my good friends Sam Reynolds, Matt Macduff, Dylan Stone and Danny Pace, as well as a load of Cape Town locals. Coming back from a broken leg, this was the perfect event to kick start my season. Despite finals being cancelled due to big winds, it was an awesome event and I ended up in fourth place – so happy to be back competing!

 The Night Harvest

After waving goodbye to Cape Town, it was time for business: Build the world’s biggest jump.

It’s a 6 hour drive east up the coast on the Garden Route to a place called Knysna. The building of this monster was on Rob Dormehl’s land, a super cool guy who is the brain child of the amazing Garden Route Trail Park.

After three days of digging, shaping and prepping in the hot African sun, it was ready to ride. Seeing it finished and making the mountains around us look small, it hit me; this jump is big!

The build

Hitting it for the first time was the most insane feeling ever. Not one of us landed it first or second go either! The rolling in tower was 36 feet high; the roll up to the take-off was around 150 feet or so; the take-off was 20 feet high; the gap was 30 feet; the step up from the bottom of the take off to top of landing was 40 feet. And we were at around 50-55 feet above ground when jumping. Like I said, this jump was massive!

Four days of filming, crashing and pulling off some of the most insane tricks on this size jump was amazing, Pure Darkness 2 is going to be EPIC. I can't wait!

 Pure Darkness 2 coming soon!