Downmall 2015

30 Mar

Words by Tom Cardy

After waking up really early to catch my flight, I arrived in the capital city of Poland, Warsaw, for my first contest of 2015. After spending a bit of time resting and chilling in the hotel, we decided to take a walk to find the location of the contest, a shopping centre! The location was awesome and there were so many people about, I knew it would be a good event.

Saturday arrived, contest day. All the organisers were working hard to get the course set up in time, and there was a real feel of excitement amongst everyone! Whilst they finished the course, I took the chance to ride some street nearby. The course was one jump that had a 6.5 meter gap, then into a quarter pipe to finish. Practice started and after a few runs the jump was adjusted slightly as the gap was a little too difficult to make, so we pushed the ramp in so it was a 5.6 meter gap instead, making it better for everyone to do their best tricks. I was feeling really comfortable on the jump, doing tricks such as back-flip no hands, double tail whips and 360 tail whips which gave me a boost of confidence that I could get a good result!

Qualifying got cancelled as there were a few issues with the downhill race that was also taking place in the same shopping centre. This lead to straight finals where each rider would have 3 runs and the best one counts. So finals started, as a safe first run I did a back-flip no hander, this trick always goes down well in a contest! Second run I decided to step my game up and landed a flip whip on the jump, then a flair in the quarter pipe, this was my best run and secured me 2nd place in the contest! I was happy to pull the run, and also really happy to take 2nd place overall, it's a perfect way to start the contest season for me this year. Now looking forward to the next contest, Vienna Air King on the 12th April.  

Tail-whip in the quarter

Going big

Bringing it home