Hello Anna

05 Dec

Our newest addition to the ski team, Anna Vincenti spares half an hour with us to chat 2015 plans, Hintertux and music.

Can you describe yourself in a few words?

Passionate, competitive and easy going.

How did you first get into skiing and what do you love about the sport?

I was 3 years old on a family holiday and my Dad just put me on a pair of skis, some reins and let me go, haha! I love free skiing because there aren’t many rules to the sport and you can try new tricks everyday so there isn't really any chance of getting bored! The feeling of landing a new trick is easily the best feeling in the world. I also love how every park you go to is different; different rails and jumps so you never know what you are going to be training or competing on until you get there!

Anna Vincenti

What does the day-to-day of Anna Vincenti look like?

When I am home - I wake up a 5:30am to get to Stirling for 7am to have a gym session at the Institute Of Sport with my trainer Scott Crawford. Then I rush home and go to work (at the Edinburgh Dungeon!). After work I will either go trampolining or to the David Lloyd for a hot tub and sauna session!

When I am away during the season - I will wake up about 7:30am to leave the house around 8. Ski until 4pm. Then go home, refuel and go to the gym for a light session and a stretch!

Anna Vincenti

Can you tell us about your plans for 2015?

My plan for 2015 is to represent Team GB in the World Champs in January in Austria! I’ve heard it’s amazing so I am stoked for that! I hope to compete in some European competitions also as I am spending my second season in Mayrhofen. In February I am hoping to compete in a World Cup at Park City. I have never been to Park City so that should be a really fun trip!

In the summer I will definitely be heading back over to Canada for the Momentum camps as this year was so sick!

We’ve seen you’re out in Hintertux at the moment, how’s that going?

Hintertux is actually going really well. It’s nice to be back on snow and getting back some of the old tricks as well as new, ready for the 2014/2015 season! We have also been really lucky with the weather as it has been amazing; some fresh snow and we have had numerous blue bird days!

Anna Vincenti

What has been your greatest trip so far? 

My best trip so far was Whistler this summer! I headed over with my Team GB coaches Pat Sharples and Jamie Matthews. I was also with 2 of my best friends: Katie Summerhayes and Rowan Cheshire, which was amazing for us all to be skiing again together, as we don't get to do it very often. We met loads of amazing people over there; the weather was amazing and I learnt a lot of new tricks, which I am putting on snow during this trip in Hintertux! Everyone was so stoked to be up on the glacier during summer so it created an awesome training vibe!

Anna Vincenti

If you weren’t a skier what would you be doing now?

If I wasn't a skier I would probably be in America playing football at a uni somewhere! I played up until I was 14 with Scotland U15's and U17's.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

Right this second I am actually listening to an hour remix by DJ Chuckie - https://soundcloud.com/dirtydutchmusic/ddr075

Anna Vincenti

Finally, any wise words for any girls thinking about getting into skiing

Skiing is a really fun sport to get involved in. I think skiing brings a lot of people together from different countries so if you want to meet new people while having a lot of fun then it is definitely the sport to get into! The vibe around free skiing is also incredible. I remember 2 years ago in Breckenridge I was trying a new trick and I told the people behind me not to drop in as I was not sure I was going to land it and everyone was cheering me on! It is very relaxed and everyone around you is having as much fun and wants to push their limits just like you!

Anna Vincenti