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13 Nov

Embracing the colder months can be (for some) quite the challenge, but for us, it’s in our DNA. Instead of looking for warmer cubby holes to hibernate over winter, we dig out our thermals, woolly socks, bobble hats, cold-weather layers and look to head to climates colder than our own.

Dom  Harington

We chat to Leon Young, the designer behind our technical outerwear range to give you an insight to his inspiration, technical features and his top picks for winter 2014.

How did you come to designing technical outerwear?

Leon: “For as long as I can remember I have always taken part in and followed action sports, as well as having a passion for the technology in the product. This naturally took root in my design and on completing my degree I sought to work in the industry.”

Kicking things off with men’s, can you tell us about your inspiration for the range, was it just an idea that popped into your head or was it based around research?

Leon: “Firstly research; several times a year I attend industry trade shows to soak up the atmosphere and observe the trends, I then add this to my own intuition and observations. I was also heavily Influenced by our UK roots, we need our jackets to be multi-functional for adventures at home, on the street as well as the mountain (lets face it most of the UK scene is in Snowdomes!). I wanted to ensure the collection didn’t look out of place where ever it’s worn.”

Which of the jackets are key pieces for you and why?

Leon: “For me the key jackets are the ‘Backcountry’ and ‘Reconn’. These are the two that really worked in terms of blending street and snow outerwear. They are packed with technical features, yet have the style of a classic menswear jacket. I managed to source performance fabrics with classical tailoring fabric that sits back with our British heritage.”

Dom Harington

James Webb

Moving onto women’s, the Offpiste jacket sees a longer fit, can you tell us about your inspiration behind this?

Leon: “The longer fit for women’s comes from two main areas; firstly our female rider requests but secondly, and a bigger factor is that that the women’s scene has progressed so much that recently the girls have taken to wearing men’s jackets to ride in because of preferred style, fit and ‘the built for purpose’ approach. I wanted to give the women their own style that was still feminine yet offered them what they had been seeking in the men’s styles.”

Holly Bendall

The Trials jacket showcases a pretty rad print, where did this come from?

Leon: “I cannot take any credit for this print, I asked our very talented Women’s wear Graphic designer, Marissa Sanford for an all over print for this style and she (as she always does) delivered! It’s taken from a formula that works on our mainline women’s collection and has been developed it so it works with our technical range.”

Ayla Thidling

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