James Threlfall 2014

09 Oct

Words by James Threlfall

Filming for my 2014 Full Part was perhaps the most unexpectedly crazy experience of my skating career to date.

I set out with the intention of filming lasting maybe a casual 3-4 months, but in September 2013, right in the middle of filming I took a bad fall, which left me with my right leg broken in 8 places. As much of a hindrance as this was, it was only a week after the injury that I decided to grab my notepad and start planning the tricks I wanted to film when I was back on my board.

Months of rehab and physio passed by and finally I could skate again. - Straight away Luke, Ryan, Ben and Stefan were ready to go with their cameras, as if what happened was only a mere temporary setback. Without the help of those guys I wouldn't have had the opportunity to film any of my skating, so I'm extremely grateful that, with their assistance I've been able to finish what's now my 2014 video.

It's been a rough ride, but it's made the finish line all the more rewarding. A massive thank you to Animal, Sidewalk Magazine, and all my other sponsors that have backed this project!

Check out the edit below.