Ayla’s training in New Zealand

15 Oct

I’ve been out training with HPC Cardrona in New Zealand and it’s been amazing! It snowed a lot just before I got there so both the park and the Superpipe were sick! I got my 5’s back on the kickers quite quickly so now I’ve been practising back and switch back 5’s in the pipe. I’ve attempted 7’s as well but they definitely need more work! :)

We’ve had spring conditions with bluebird almost every morning, which is great but means we had to be at the pipe around 7.00am, so it’s been early starts with the alarm going off 5.45am

The Burton High Fives was on too whilst I was out there, which I was selected as a forerunner for so pretty stoked about that!

I also came 1st in the halfpipe and slopestyle at the NZ Junior Nationals!

Check out some of my photos from the trip.

Ayla Thidling NZ

In the selfie is; Zoi Synnott from NZ (left) and Emily Arthur from Australia on the right.

 Ayla Thidling NZ

Here I'm with Kristal Roberts and Briar Hight, both from NZ.

Ayla Thidling NZ

A lot of the riders are on the NZ Development Team and Emily is on the Australian. It's a really nice crew and we have had a lot of fun both on and off the snow.

Love Ayla xx