Surf team trip 2014

03 Jul


Postcard scenes, crystal clear waters and six foot kegs.

There’s nothing better than a winter trip, to top that, a winter trip to none other than the beautiful paradise that is the Maldives.

A tranquil place usually reserved for the newly tied, also harbours some of the most insane breaks imaginable. Here at Animal we couldn’t wait to spoil our surf team with a private island and boat trip to the land of dreams. We put together a sterling crew to capture it all on film, as they explored the Maldivian crystal clear waters.

Alan Stokes Maldives
“Forget 5-star resorts and the battles over privatising what should be free for all. We had our own island, our own boat and probably the best looking group of surfers ever assembled.” - Will Bailey

As they rocked up the team were greeted with insane colours on and off the water and six foot kegs.

Alan Stokes

Getting straight into it, Will captured this shot of Stokesy just moments before Hannah spotted a shark.

Hannah Harding
“Hannah surfs really hard, like she’s in a heat every session. She was taking off the furthest up the point, it didn’t matter that she was too deep on a few, or the fact it was better down the bottom, she was paddling deeper and charging harder than anyone.” – Will Bailey

Corinne Evans
“Corinne didn’t even flinch. She was straight out into the thick of it showing no fear” –Will Bailey

Zak Lawton

Our token longboarder Zak, was admired by all, his artistic skills and epic nose riding had the rest of the team in awe.

Photo credit: Will Bailey