Animal WD-40 Action Sports Tour F1

08 Jul
The sunset faded as the wagons rolled into Silverstone race circuit on the eve of the British Grand Prix. In homage to the days of grass roots racing, low budget teams and hand tuned engines we followed in the footsteps of some of the greats, camping by the rig ready to build the show and get things moving in the morning.

Practice Day.
As the drivers and teams suss out the latest tweaks to their cars and get a feel for the insanely fast Silverstone circuit, our newly assembled team dialled in their bikes and learned how to ride the down hill and equally as fast set-up.

Fresh back from a chipped elbow we saw the triumphant return of James Jones, who apparently as part of his R&R period since Goldcoast OceanFest two weeks ago became the third person in the world to land a three whip to whip. How that aided his recovery is anyone’s guess but that’s just how James rolls!

Action Sports Tour F1

Sam Oliver tends to let his riding do the talking but apparently has been getting up at 5am everyday baking cakes and last week was the first trials rider to bake a three bagel to current bun which are now available at Oliver’s Bakery.

And this year saw Daryl Brown return to the show after almost exactly one year since the last British GP! Since then he’s earned a Guinness WR for highest air on a mountain bike and a plethora of competitive accolades.

Action Sports Tour F1

Another night in the vans and we awoke to the traditional sound of a British summers rain and the morning would belong to Sam. The F1 tends to attract the early risers, either to get a good spot on the circuit or to avoid the traffic on the way in, either way the barriers filled for the first show and those in attendance were welcomed with some adrenaline fuelled trials and were suitably pumped for the rest of qualifying.

Sam Oliver Action Sports Tour F1

As the weather improved through the session most drivers opted for intermediate tyres and it wasn’t long before James and Daryl were on full slicks and sending it for the masses alongside Sam.

Race Day.
When you awake to the sound of screaming engines and the sun shining, the beats start to drop and the crowd starts to congregate you know it’s race day! 09:30 and it was time to blast away the sleepy dust and smash out the first of the days shows. Sometimes when least expecting it you get proverbially punched in the eyes with awesomeness, and that’s exactly what the boys did for out first crowd of the day!

Two more shows before the 1pm start and everyone was on fire, huge new lines from Sam led him half way through the set up without touching the floor. Daryl continued his barrage of massive jumps including his stand out trick, one of the biggest, most extended superman airs we’ve seen in a long time!

Daryl Brown Action Sports Tour F1

James is never off form but with no way of slowing down on the downward slope of the ground we’d set up on, the only way for him not to over shoot was to adjust his trajectory and go as high as possible! A trick to note was his straight flare to rollback/ backflip 540 on the jump box, a trick which only Danny MacAskill has previously performed in the show.

James Jones Action Sports Tour F1

Obviously inspired by the epic performances, after an eventful race it was Lewis Hamilton who took the win on the circuit, what could be better than hearing the English national anthem at the British Grand Prix? A proud moment for us all!

Don’t worry if you missed us at Silverstone, check the website for up coming dates including next weekends Royal International Air Tattoo.

Words by: James Thorne