Surf trip essentials

30 Jun
The UK is blessed with some of the most beautiful coast-line we’ve ever seen, and what’s more, some of the best waves in Europe on its day. Whilst the naïve may suggest that this is a view of those not well travelled, we would simply argue that the road less travelled can sometimes be right on your doorstep.

With only a tent and the essentials in hand, this summer we will be picking our moments to indulge in the finest these shores have to offer. These are a few of the things we won’t be forgetting for a weekend away.

  •  Tide times. Always frustrating being in the wrong place at the wrong time!

  • Sun cream. Nothing worse than being a lobster for a week afterwards.

  • If you’re surfing reefs with no booties, pack some spray plaster it’s super useful.

  • A good Companion, it makes all the difference...

  • Bananas. Guaranteed not to run out of energy!

  • Camera. To capture the memories