The London Bike Show

20 Mar
The London Bike Show has always been a favourite stop for the tour as the floor is smooth, the wind non existent and the crowds huge and very excitable.

Following Martyn Ashton's accident last year he continues to be a figurehead for the tour and has handpicked a batch of amazing riders to tackle the rig for the 2014 season. We kicked off here with former British and World Champion Ben Savage who admirably stepped up to the challenge and alongside tour athletes Blake Samson, James Jones, Ryan Mcnamara and James 'MC' Thorne created some incredible shows.

The tours schedule for 2014 is going to be taking them far and wide so keep your eyes peeled for its release later this month.

For now, have a look at the pictures and latest video from the tour.

Ryan McNamara The London Bike Show

Blake Samson The London Bike Show

Ben Savage The London Bike Show


James Jones The London Bike Show