The World is Ours

05 Mar

Carve’s interview series featuring Jobe Harriss

“Life chucks out opportunities and hiccups in equal measures and it’s the way you react to the highs and lows, the opening and shutting of doors that will ultimately define you as a person and your place in the world”

Wise words from Carve magazine, who recently caught up with a bunch of surfers who are currently beginning challenges and in the process of developing their own lives.

One of them was Animal newbie, Jobe Harriss. They talk winter surf, Bude river surfing, secret spots and plans for the year with an epic flare shot mid interview! Here’s a little preview, grab issue 149 to see the whole article.

Jobe Harriss Carve Magazine. The World is Ours


Jobe Harriss Carve Magazine coverage

Jobe chuckles at the amusingly patriotic assemblage of vans he found

Jobe Harriss Carve Magazine Flare in the flare lens

Deep in North Kernow there flies a young man. Flaring in the lens flare.

Jobe Harriss Carve Magazine Interview

Jobe reckons he needs to work on his progressive game. He’s pretty handy in the air already and his lip attack is second to none.